Splintered Ray Damage in Real World PVP

there is currently some glitch mages can do to dps an unkillable NPC in org and then redirect the splinter damage to player targets. There was a mage in org hitting people for 20 million. In World Pvp.

This is obviously a bug and trivializes any skill or gear in the game.

Might want to edit their name out.

ok, but then how would they know who’s combat log to check to figure this out? and fix it?

It’s been reported already but as you might guess, Blizzard is slow when it comes to fixing anything PvP related, especially WPvP related.

What the mage is doing is abusing legacy scaling. Splintered Ray spreads a percent of the damage dealt onto players nearby and by attacking a low level NPC, the damage will be scaled into the millions due to legacy scaling. Problem is, the mage is attacking Provisioner Jin’hake, an NPC added in Shadowlands that has legacy scaling enabled but can’t die.

Blizzard can fix this in several ways:

  1. Fix the specific ability to ignore legacy scaled damage in the spread portion of it’s effect.
  2. Make the NPC killable.
  3. Fix the root of the problem which is legacy scaling in the first place.

Blizzard doesn’t think these through and will either go with option 1 or 2, which doesn’t last because another ability will be added later in the future which will introduce the same bug.

Here’s advice if you want to kill the frost mage though, bring a Priest. Likely the mage is kiting the NPC around Orgrimmar with some leech and one shotting people. Have the Priest mind control the mage and the NPC will reset back to its original position and then you can kill the mage. GG. Don’t fight near it’s spawn point though.

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Raise A exploit report to a GM about this, within forum rule protocols of course. I’ve seen such numbers years back, safety hotfix is needed.

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Hacks@blizzard.com is where you can report fishy business. Whether they’ll act is another matter entirely. There’s a horde guild on Lone Wolf in SOD that’s been mass reported for glitching under different areas to avoid being able to be attacked and kill people passing through for about 2 weeks.

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Thanks for such a detailed reply. Glad to know what’s going on at least. Hopefully it gets fixed.

its odd to me the damage spreads to a max lvl target that high.

seems another way to break up the party may be to spell reflect him or bubble the npc to stop the damage.

I think what is worse is when it is obviously an exploit/bug, and then the player responds “creative use of in-game mechanics” when it should be an automatic ban of 6 months.

Blizzard is too soft on these exploits and bugs. In addition to be slow to respond.