Splinterblade Clan | Horde RP Guild Recruiting

Guild Name: Splinterblade Clan

Guild Type: Heavy RP focus, also social and open to helping each other with PvE and PvP

Guild Contacts: Ghorzak (guild leader), Stormfangs

Who Are We: The Splinterblade Clan is a heavy-RP orcish clan that hosts weekly events every Friday, and more campaign styled ones on Sunday evenings. Impromptu events are common as well as encouraged, with an eager invitation for players to implement character backstories, or personal issues, into larger events.

All Horde races/classes are welcome! Forsaken characters are admitted on a case by case basis, with special preference to those with Second War Horde ties (former Alterac humans, or human corpses with orcish spirits, as quick examples).

Recruitment Requirements: Answer a few informal questions and then an in-character interview.

We’re accepting of all levels of RP experience, and are happy to teach recruits the ropes as we go. If you’d like to join us, send a whisper to Ghorzak or to Stormfangs expressing your interest and we’ll be happy to take things from there!

Note: Anyone from other Horde or Alliance RP guilds should also feel free to contact us if you have any interest in inter-guild RP (Alliance guilds - this includes cross faction war events).


This is a great group of folks, and my Horde character has only been slightly maimed at the weekly fight nights!

A quick bump and a note that the Splinterblade Clan also has strong social connections to other RP guilds on the server, such as the Wildmane Tribe, the Darkblood Clan, and the Sisters of Sylvanas.

We’ve both run and taken part in inter-guild events, and intend to keep doing this. If you’re looking for RP connections, give us a shout in game.

Hi! I’ve never played Horde much in all my years of wow, and have been thinking of rolling one to RP. My knowledge of lore is… scanty at best, though. Especially Horde-side. (an Alterac human…? What is that?)

Some questions:

  • What level of ‘dark’ does your RP tend towards?
  • Is there a level requirement to join? (I suck at classic and struggle with leveling in general x__x)
  • How combat-focused are your RP events?

Thank you!!! :smiley:

I might want to join, obviously not with this name but I might be transferring to this server from my old one on Mankrik.

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Hi to both to both of you! I’ve been a bit sick recently, so I’m sorry for this reply being late. Both of you are very welcome to apply. Feel free to look out for our clan name in-game when you’re on.

Onto answering questions:

“Alterac” was one of the human kingdoms that became part of the Alliance in the Second War (It was, unsurprisingly, in the region you can see in game called the Alterac Mountains). I mention it as having Horde connections in my first post because during the Second War its King collaborated with the Horde, sharing information in exchange for the survival of the Kingdom.

Detailed knowledge of lore isn’t too important to being in the clan. Especially since other members can fill in information along the way, or give advice for any roleplay/character details that significantly go against lore. Don’t stress too much.

The darkness of clan RP can vary a lot; between individual characters or events. While we’re not limited to being a PG-rated clan when doing our own thing together, we’re also not a collection of edgelords at all. Combat (both friendly and fatal) can be common, though - as a clan - we steer very much against the bloodthirsty history of what orcs were under the Legion.

There is no official level requirement for joining. We’ve had people join at level 10, or at level 30, and onwards. We’re more interested in activity and in people wanting to take part, rather than current level.

Many events have some element of combat to them. For this, we tend to use a system of emotes and /roll20. And each event tends to have a GM or a character acting as lead to help guide the event. But we’re not exclusively interested in combat. We’ve also held market events between us and the Wildmane Tribe guild, as an example. Players can feel free to suggest event ideas as well!

Thanks very much for your replies. Keep an eye out for the Splinterblade Clan when you can and I hope to see you both soon.