Spinning crane kick question

Just picked up Monk. Spinning Crane kick is a channeled ability, but my question is can I use other skills like blackout kick while SCK is currently in use? To me, it felt like I could, but none of the guides I read suggested spamming SCK whilst pressing things on cooldown, assuming you have the energy. Can anyone clear this up please?

Id like to know too. I noticed i can at least use my kick during the channel.

You can use other abilities with crane kick; however, using those other abilities will cancel the current channeling and will still consume the full chi cost of that SCK.

It can be pretty useful to short cancel crane kick on some specs like MW if you need to suddenly heal but usually if you’re a WW and have the right talents you’ll want to let it rip like a beyblade.


Like others have said, it is a channeled ability so doing something else will cancel the channel. Also, you are unable to dodge or auto-attack while channeling SCK.

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Hey guys, I just want to update this post for some clarity in case someone else is also seeking this knowledge.

So to clear some things up, while using Spinning Crane Kick (SCK), you CAN still dodge enemy attacks. SCK lasts 1.5 second but the monk global cooldown is 1s. Once the global has resolved, you can use another ability/spell. Using another ability with 0.5s left on SCK does not cancel it’s channel, SCK will resolve to all it’s 1.5s completion even if you start the next global.

So to answer my own question, you can’t actually spam SCK because it initiates a global. SCK lasting 1.5 is just fancy cosmetics and should just be treated like any other global. Since it has the lowest potency for all globals, it’s just used as filler.

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you can cast tiger palm, blackout kick & rising sun kick while casting spinning crane kick.

also in this current tier you will hardly ever use spinning crane kick.

You would on 4+ enemies as AoE filler

No you dont use it as aoe filler at 4+ targets this tier.

Maybe if you run BDB & it’s active but other than that RSK beats SCK.

7+ targets SCK (DOCJ proc will overtake both) will take priority over BOK but never RSK.

I’m talking about when everything is on cooldown, what are you gonna do, sit there waiting for things to come back up?

Read the last part above for your answer.

Wonder if they meant on MW?

It’s optimal to SCK as MW at 4+ targets for healer damage.

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Oh yeah that’s true. I mean specifically for Windwalker, sorry if my posts were misleading @OP.


I think you could use brews while spinning using SCK. I frequently used Purifying Brew when using SCK. I think you can use any brew while channelling SCK.

Try it and maybe report back here.

Edit: It’s really cuute. Imagine pandas spinning round and getting drunk at the same time. ^^