Spinebreaker Alliance Reconnections


I remember you! , You and Your BF played alot with my wife and I. I had a paladin named Xavar and My wife was a priest named Heavens.


haha you and I used to have Epic duals. I was wondering if you were going to be playing! Was a paladin named Xavar when you were terrorizing Westfall and Redridge


Any Pirate Syndicate guild members?


My bad, I just remember his arcanite reaper and being one shot for days and being a complete noob.


Haha that’s crazy. Unfortunately we are lame and going Alliance but also on Whitemane, so hopefully see you out there!


this is a shot in the dark…but when I was a young troll hunter, exploring the Badlands I met a night elf hunter and shared a wonderful relationship with her meeting each day at the same time, communicating solely through emotes and kek/bur. these days were some of my fondest memories and I don’t know maybe you’re out there, even if you’re a 300 pound man Idc


Maydie . Human Warrior

People I remember from alliance : Angelsteel, Helloworld, Csi, Watchouse, Bastogne.


Knivesshadows - legend has it he is still ganking lowbies in STV to this day.


I remember getting ganked in EPL and asking seraphim to come help, and the horde asked his guild to help, ended up being a 500 vs 500 brawl in EPL where the lag was so bad we could barely play. Good Times !


Nope, Afta no one remembers you or Requiem.

You coming back for Classic?


Heeeeeyyy, vengeance friend!


OMG, I remember Angelsteel. He was a Human Paladin, right? I was leveling my first character (Orc Shaman) and we met in Felwood by the Furblogs. We kept running into one another and eventually just became emote friends. haha! I have been waiting years for someone to bring that name up!


Where are Elfie, Bubbles, Fiddy, Jang, Sabrina, Jollyrodger, and PALADINSMASH…need more Paladinsmash.

  • Sken - Night Elf Rogue
  • Quantum, Solace, others I can’t remember atm
  • Sozo, Bubbles, Elfie, Aliagorn

I did mostly PvP and didn’t get into raiding until BC and WotLK.

Most standout memory of our server I remember is being ganked (and stalked) in STV by an UD Rogue named Knivesshadow. Man I hated that guy. He’s the reason I stayed away from STV, lol.


What up, dude! Long time on talk! I’m on Whitemane too, but running Horde on that server with a friend. Sken is on Fairbanks.


Hey Solid, It’s Tecum you salty bastard!

  • Tecum, Dwarven Paladin
  • Will of God, EXP
  • Solid, Littlefaith, Macy etc.


I’m friends with Bubble and Elfie on fb. I’ll have to reach out to them to see if they are coming back!


Although I kept pretty under the radar, I definitely remember raiding with lots of the Vengeance crew. Hellcaller, Alesglade, Dorax, Grimheart, Mercurial, Cuan, Dwight, Bigt, Varos, Christen… I’m sure there were a bunch more I’m forgetting. Well… at least 29 more, right? :smiley:
BigT brought me (Ardenlynn) into the guild for a clutch Fear Ward one night and I tried to keep up for a while after.


What’s up man bunch of us are going to play Ali on Fairbanks


Some say Knivesshadow is still stealthed in Ironforge to this very day.