Spend your Titanium Residuum while you still can

Its getting reset and converted to silver/gold soon.

It is/was stupid to allow people to horde it anyway. Inflating the current prices was just a band aid.


saving it didn’t feel meaningful at all.

you had to save for an entire season to MAYBE get a week ahead in next season.

i do feel like the inflation as a result of no reset was silly though.

I also think it is too expensive to target a specific piece.

there’s a lot of pieces I want and rng every 2 weeks isn’t fun.


I’ve never used it. It’s worthless to me. I never had enough to get an upgrade. And by the time I had enough to get something, I was already ilevels above what I could afford.


Real talk; has anyone ever actually used Residuum to buy anything useful? Between gear drops from M+, Benthics, and PVP progression I sort of just let all that dust sit in the bottom of my pants. Forever.


i do a 15 every week for residuum.
i’ve bought some good things but it takes like 2 months at that pace to save up for a specific 445 piece. its way too long to target a piece. 2 to 3 weeks would be plenty of farming for one specific piece imo. especially if you play several specs on your main or even if you have a dungeon set and raid set for one spec. that could be 6 pieces right there.

It was just a gambling currency anyway.

Doesn’t affect me or upset me in any way as someone that frequents mythic +.

Saving for the specific pieces were way too expensive anyway. No big deal.

Btw good eye OP. I would have forgotten to spend mine if I didn’t read this thread lol

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Spend it.

Its getting turned into money.


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Convert it into silver ? Really, not even gold.

Anything thanks for posting this better use it up before then.

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I have. I did some mythic 10s for my essence and I don’t normally do mythic pluses so I got a whole bunch I wouldn’t normally have.

All 3 of my azerite pieces were bought using residium.

M+ doesn’t deop azerite gear, that’s why residium exists, benthics can’t go up to 445, and some people don’t pvp.

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Kinda upsetting Blizzard. I don’t do mythic plus’s where there is apparently an avalanche of titan residium that you can get. I’ve been saving up titan residium since the beginning and now have about 18k. I wanted to buy one 445 piece, which has now jumped up to ridiculous levels. So, now you are going to give me like 100 gold??? Thanks. I know you’ve reset currency levels for new expansions before but, oh, well. Again, thanks a lot.

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Don’t we have till 8.3 to spend it though? I mean how soon could the patch come, really?

Is it like a decent amount of gold though? I could give a fig about expendable gear but cold hard cash can get all kinds of things I actually want :thinking:


if you do the IE weekly you get enough for almost 3 pieces of 420 azerite. it’s not too bad if you’re trying to gear up.

I’m confused. When I run the Island Expedition weekly, it gives me Azerite and a treasure map that either gets me gold or Azerite. Where am I getting Residuum from?


The residuum is for mythic+ runners as m+ doesn’t drop azerite.

Raids, dungeons, pvp, warfronts,WQs all drop azerite so they don’t get the currency.

I wouldn’t mind pvpers getting there own version even though I don’t pvp.

A bit late to the party, but…

The treasure map for doing the weekly Island Expedition cap can turn into a mission for either gold, azerite power, titan residuum(like just shy of 5000) or a random drop from Islands(rarely a pet or mount, usually a random armor or weapon drop)

As far the topic at hand, most of my alts have no chance of getting a 445, but I’m okay with it. I’ve started going through and buying the 430’s if able(and if the alts have a 420 for that slot). But really, I don’t care. Converting currency to silver/gold is nothing new. I’m glad they are doing a reset next season though. Would’ve felt bad to need like 100k residuum to get a random 475(or whatever next tier’s item levels are).

Ah. I have never gotten anything but gold or Azerite. Usually Azerite.

Well for ever 100,000 reidumm you have thats 1000 gold…meh but if you that hard up for cash hey i guess