Spell for Affliction

I’m very sad with the state of Aff lock since BFA, It’s really depressing for me the MR spam. I would love to see my Dots do damage again in the next Exp and also if they can bring some of the old Aff niches back like malefic grasp and Soul swap from MoP or Reap Souls from Legion will be great… Also, we need an update for drain soul, this spell has been the same since WotLK.


I’m right there with you. I didn’t play much BfA, but the changes to Aff made me droip my lock for the first time since Wrath. I’m hoping they do the work to bring the spec back to what it always was. Ramping damage over time, with some decent AoE burst from seed of corruption. Malefic Grasp was a failure, Deathbolt was a failure. If locks want to burst, they can play destro or demo.

Agreed. Affliction should be damage over time, demo a middleground, and destruction full burst. They’ll probably come up with some whacky new spender that is burst centric that does 50% of our damage while our DoTs remain weak, but we can hope!

The whole soul shard thing really messed up our specs. it all started with the shards