Spell Batching Implemented Incorrectly

It’s supposed to be based off the spell, not the server ticks.

Ex, mage uses blink > Rogue gouges in X amount of time after mage pressed blink > mage instantly blinks and is also gouged.

There is a small amount of time… maybe like 4 out of 60 fps worth of time to counter such moves… it is def not server tik based or else it would be inconsistent.

Vanishing blinds is another example.

No… thats how spellbatching works.
It still works that way in live. It was alway bassed on server ticks.
They are emulating the old crappy servers by giving spells lower priority.


I remember the game being reactive with a 100% success to counter moves every single time… not tik based.

Even vanilla wow streamers know the spell batching is wrong on beta atm.

For a start read the post they anounced spell batching in.
Most of what streamers claim was due to spell batching actualy didn’t work because of spell batching.

I read that… they still implemented it wrong. Needs some tweaking.

I have been complaining about spell batching since it was called server lag. Thats how it always worked. It could get even worse when the servers were overloaded.


It adds flavor and by knowing something about how it works, occasionally you can turn it to your advantage. Like the glitched Mage blink - it always seemed to happen at the most inopportune moments; but that was part of its charm. It shouldn’t be fixed either.

Everything I have heard from those ‘in the know’ is that the batching is just a little loose now. I am HOPING its something that the beta players have reported a few times and that Blizzard will look into.

The issue I can imagine though is network latency. The networks of today are not the networks of 2004.

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