Specific Forsaken Guild

Is there a forsaken guild that are not alligned with Sylvannas?

I believe the Strawmen are not. Not in any official capacity at least.

You can browse here, though.

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I will look into the Strawmen. Also a merchant style/adventure guild that doesnt allign with sylvannas would be cool

Well hello again! You might want to check us out in that case!

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True death to Sylvanas!


Oh look, more names…

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I like the cut of your jib.

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Hmm, maybe I should look into the Strawmen too. :thinking:

Down with the Lich Queen!

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A fair mentioning to those interested in the Strawmen, we’re generally inactive outside of events. We’d love and welcome new members but if being in a small not too active guild is a downer, I totally understand that.

You’ll have a lot of fake names to keep track of.