Spec Potency

Know that any DH/Fire/Destro/Assassin/Hpal

That tries to say a damn thing to you

in a non ironic tone

and takes themselves seriously

idk i forget entirely what I was about to say

and holy priests in 2s or the ones with a 1s 65% heal in 3s

talks down to you.

Just laugh

I didn’t proof read any of this I’m wicked sauced and made multiple diary entires tonight.

I honestly despise all your types


Just line the sauce 4head

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Is it a red sauce or white sauce

is it better to be lost in the sauce or loose in the juice

This thread kinda sounds like a drunken guy that hasn’t slept in 3 days ranting about the game. I kinda want more.


Seems more like brown sauce.

juice is temporary. that has an expiration date

the sauce is for life. can stay in your fridge forever my guy

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big guwop ain’t never lied