Spam purge is the most toxic mechanic in the game

Spamming purge is just dumb. Should be able to purge cds like an ironbark, not every single hot that completely invalidates a class. Its actually so brain dead stupid. Its literally to most toxic mechanic in the game.


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purge purge purge purge purge

clean guys gg


I think that purge as a mechanic is fine, it’s just how nicely it slots into some things a little too well, both in terms of how the spec does damage (Shadow) and mana cost (also Shadow).

Eating up a bunch of mana and/or globals to offensively pressure somebody that would’ve been covered by Hots is fine as long as it heavily dents the mana bar, and/or disrupts their ability to do damage.


I’ve had games vs rshams or disc/holy priest where they purged 50-60 times with 0 dent on their mana bar, I can’t play the game just reapply hots and try to drink which is almost impossible because my dps is clean.

Facing double sham, rsham/spriest, disc or holy priest/sham or any combo of the two can be pretty toxic specially when my dps doesn’t realize what’s going on.

If you purge 50 times it should eat up your mana.

Would be awesome if lifebloom healed as much as when you dispel a locks UA.


I like to think the purge spam makes up for the lack of dot damage pressure shadow has. Shadow in general doesn’t feel like a DPS but more of a dot/support. Not that affy should be the bar we measure dot pressure by bc its overtuned but it would be nice to feel more dmg from VT/Mindblast/Plague and not more value from purge spam. Rather spend GCDs on dmg


wtf is this friedass take


Yeah purge is really strange how there’s lots to gain little to lose. They need to find a way to add drawback to multiple uses


Damn Amatox, I was wondering what happened to you. When I first started getting on the forums a few months ago I would see you all the time but then you disappeared. Glad to see you’re ok and well.


Make purge dispel two buffs at once again. Remove the cd on greater purge for dragonflight.


Yeah thanks I fell victim to the report someone on 50 different alts. It’s crazy how 2 people can ruin this place


For practical purposes, it doesnt cost mana and it costs less than the heals they purge.

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how much did phenomenon/rolleout pay you to make this post

yeah idk man
maybe a ramping mana cost would keep it in check


Shaman casts purge at Druid

It’s super effective!

Shaman casts hex at Druid


It’s not very effective …


What if purge had something like a 4-6 second cd? What would happen if it did?

Or maybe give like 3 charges with a 20 second cd? Idk :man_shrugging:

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I agree that there should be a drawback to spam purging all game, depleting mana would be nice or something like that.


Seems like a resto shaman specific complaint? Or I guess holy/disc priest perhaps.

Ele/Enhance shaman anyway are like 8-9 purges then they’re oom and are waiting 3-5? seconds per purge after that. Doesn’t seem excessive, especially since they’re doing 0 damage while doing that. Although that probably depends on what side of the purge you’re standing on I suppose.

If it is a resto/holy/disc complaint just jacking up the mana cost seems like an easy solution. It used to hard oom healers in BFA.

There used to be more risk/reward for purging than there is now, and there also used to be more trash buffs

Was more of a back and forth on each side and also for some dps like mage, hunter, eles, spriests or enh shamans the value of a purge global and a dps global were generally judgement calls

But game has changed a lot and it’s kind of dumb on both sides

Rdruids effectively have two weaknesses and that’s hard swapping and purge spam. If you can’t exploit those rdruid will mostly just win every match

Comps like RMP for example can swap and kill pretty much any target on a resto druid team so they can play around hots

If your comp relies on more single target pressure, if you can’t purge forever you’ll also pretty much never have a win condition which is also frustrating, and if you can then it becomes a different story which can end up being incredibly annoying for the resto druid

I think it’s just an overall issue with how resto druids play right now. Those two weaknesses are something that’s been fairly universal in WoWs history but the highs and lows are arguably at their biggest extreme.


Remember the good ole days when mana was a thing and going oom was a concern?

Remember the days when you didn’t have to worry about your team dying instantly because some angry fellow down the road pressed his purge key over and over again while screeching into the night?

Hi, I’m Vespur with Pepperidge Farm, and in today’s world there are a lot of issues facing the average PvPer. We’re here to let you know that we care, and more importantly… we remember.


Lifebloom would be fine if its purge protection was that it’s always the first thing purged along with the bloom heal.

They’d just efficiency heal our target if we were able to re-apply it, or they’d waste a lot of globals trying to rip hots while we’re in CC, which I’d be fine with.

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So we need to give hunters spam tranq back? Couldn’t agree more.