SP got buffed, I called it!


  • Class
    • New talent: Sanguine Teachings - Increases Leech by 3%.
      • On a choice node against Vampiric Embrace.
    • Vampiric Embrace is no longer on the global cooldown.
    • San’layn now also causes Sanguine Teachings to grant an additional 2% Leech.
    • Manipulation can now be triggered by Discipline’s Power Word: Solace & Mind Blast and Shadow’s Mind Flay and Mind Flay: Insanity.
  • Shadow
    • Psychic Link now also functions with Mind Games, Void Bolt & Void Torrent (Not Yet Implemented)."

Everyone called me a troll for saying they’ll buff SP again, and now SP gets AoE Mind Games with Vamp Embrace off GCD.

Because the class is really bad and awful to play.


True, they need to buff it more.


Have you even played one?

Yeah i’m close to 2100 with it, hardest part was making it past the wall of melee and clueless healers in the 1600 - 1800 range.

I’m actually surprised there is no PvE BM Hunter AoE buffs since BM is so bad right now in PvE M+…considering most of the changes Blizz implements are for PvE with zero thought into how they would effect PvP.

Hence giving Spriests Mindgames damage an AoE effect…this just makes me sad.

Apparently things are still getting datamined so we’ll see.

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Not really much of a buff, lol.

No one will take that new talent in PvP, and the additions to Psychic Link are not very significant. VE being off GCD is fine, many similar CDs are.

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Yea and they do not need buffs lmao

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Avg arena poster, hooooly


You need to look at the actual number buffs they gave Spriests…all the modifiers on Spriest have been tuned up by a significant amount. Mind Blast was buffed on the modifier, Shadow word pain buffed as well, overall damage of Spriest is being buffed.

Thats a huge buff dude lol. Void torrent set up properly can 100 to 0 someone. It spreading plus void bolt and mind flay reducing mgames is insane

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I’m gonna hold off on any judgment till I see the pvp notes…

Fools what you over looked in the notes :

    • Reckoning (PvP Talent) now highlights Judgment when active.

Welcome your new ret paladin over lords. We will have some control over the mini wing proc! poggg

Nobody picks void torrent over damnation…damnation is too important to put up dots instantly. Against melee you cant get void torrent or even vampiric touch casts off.

MAYBE this will incentivise some to play torrent against double caster.

Would be fun shooting out 3 torrents amd melting 3 players in bgs though lol.


V melee u can crash to apply dots. That plus precog making torrent juicy. Also nobody plays it now because its not worth it. Then it can defintely be

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because spriest needs pve buffs. maybe they should make it pve only if they are broken in pvp

Wow…that would have been a GREAT idea…but Blizz isn’t smart enough to add that.

These changes should help with putting out more aoe dps in dungeons.

Cramer just called it “spriest, to the moon!!” all in.