Source of RMT gold - Players buying materials from bots

You made your point in several threads. You like buying gold and doing GDKPS. We understand.

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I’ve repeatedly stated I don’t and the incredibly boring trolls such as yourself claim to know that I do, and that the “vast majority” do without a shred of evidence whatsoever.

I’ve openly embraced the argument that it happens sometimes, but you’re still clinging to the idea that I support RMT when I don’t.

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Blizzard provided more than a shred of evidence that you cheaters are buying gold for your GDKPS with recent blue posts on the topic.

Sorry to bore you, but you RMT cheaters have bored me to tears for years. I’m happy to be able to return the favor.

Gold buyer.

Lol, good one. Still didnt address the point that gold prices are up, not down.

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I guess you’ll have to wait for it drop before buying again or just take a bit of a hit for now.

Tell the whale to take it up with Blizzard.

Clearly you have nothing to add to the thread and refuse to engage is a meaningful conversation so I’ll stop feeding the troll.

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The source matters less when the demand for gold is targeted. It doesn’t matter if they generate billions and billions of gold if there’s no demand for players to buy said gold.

This is basic supply and demand.

Thats some backwards logic if I ever saw it. Lets cut the tree down leaves first!!!

Also, what do you think happens to the gold if it isnt tied up in gdkp? It doesnt just disappear.

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Nope this is logic that relies on basic market fundamentals that they teach early in primary school.

It’s part of a discipline called “economics”. Blizzard listens to this which is why they’ve restricted GDKPS. They do not listen to tantrums, false equivalencies, and mental gymnastics.

You’re gonna preach econ in that tone while simultaneously claiming that “billions” of gold pumped into the economy doesnt matter without GDKP there? Okay…you arent gonna convince me or anyone of that reasoning.

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When flasks are 1000g lets chat.

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Yup. Tell me, if not for GDKP, what would people require such an amount of gold for?

Already have, Blizzard already made the change following this exact logic. In fact, entire economics have revolved around the simple rules of supply and demand.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but you’re not the one that needs to be convinced. Everyone already agrees you’re wrong. It is your job to convince us otherwise. And not understanding basic supply and demand is not an effective way to go about doing that.

Dude your argument is that supply doesnt matter because gdkp is the only demand. Supply can go to infinity and it doesnt matter? You are clearly the one who doesnt understand supply and demand.

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Let me explain it simply. If I have 1000g and you have 100g how much will you pay for herbs? Probably much less than me. Multiply that by 100000 players on a realm. Suddenly you’re wondering why herbs are so expensive. This is what happens over time with bots farming unchecked. Gdkp is a source of demand, but it will simply shift to another as the market forces work out this adjustment.

That’s not my argument. My argument is this:

This further proves to me that you have zero idea how supply and demand works. If the demand takes a hit, so will the supply. They have a symbiotic relationship.

Sure, except Blizzard, economists, and markets around the world disagree with you and your interpretation of supply and demand.

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It’s all so tiresome with these GDKP defenders

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We’re talking about a currency mate. The market is never saturated because it will simply inflate. Its like saying “oh the fed printed too much money, there is no demand”

You’re acting like gold is a reagent or something that we can have too much of.

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Inside a video game with limited things to spend said currency on, beyond the infinitely scaling market that GDKPs fostered.

This loops back to my question that you were incapable of answering: What do people need gold for beyond GDKP runs?

Will you even attempt to answer it this time or will you dodge it once again?

Mounts, consumes, boes, boosts, crafting flasks. Have you never played classic? Have you seen the price of a flask in era where bots have been farming? It’s more than an epic mount

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