Soup // Horde // Faerlina-US // Est. Sept 2019 recruiting multiple classes for Wrath prep

Horde guild - Faerlina US // Established September 2019 // Loot List + LC based

We are currently seeking like-minded players looking to raid in a single team semi-hardcore environment.

Our roster consists of long-term, dedicated players that have a team first mentality. Were focused on performance, min/maxing individual roles, competitive parsing as well as quick and efficient clears. We’re not interested in ego’s, loot goblins or players only looking out for themselves. If this sounds like a team you’re interested in check out our current recruitment needs below.

Schedule - Wed/Sun 8-1130PM EST

Recruitment open for the following:

Feral Druid

Resto Shaman

Holy/Disc Priest

Shadow Priest

All other exceptional players are welcome to try out.


Burnacannon - Dasilva187#3898

Xoraa - Xoraster#9372

Shamttrix - Mattrix#4533

Traviseen - !att#8266

Bighawk - Bighawk#3221

bump. Soup is still recruiting competitive, like-minded raiders to round out our roster!

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You know a guild is good when it has been going strong for over 2 years! Gonna send you a DM Burnacannon.

Still need a couple gamers

Bump. Soup is still recruiting

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To the moon! We are still recruiting!

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Soup is recruiting!

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Soup is recruiting! Best discord on Faerlina!

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Bump. Come raid Sunwell with us!

Bump. Sunwell and Wrath inc

Established in 2019 and we are still going strong! Sunwell/Wrath INC!

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Join now! The Sunwell is coming!

Bump… Looking to bring on 2 raiders for Sunwell and onward