Soulbinds Updates -- November 18

With hotfixes to the Shadowlands Beta, we’re making some targeted changes to the Pelagos, Emeni, and Heirmir soulbinds.

One of our primary goals for the Soulbind system is to provide compelling choices and texture differences between Covenants as well as individual Soulbind trees. When one tree or trait is noticeably overperforming (or underperforming), it can distort those choices. These adjustments are intended to shrink the gaps that we’ve seen and make it easier for players to choose the Covenant and Soulbind they’re most interested in or best fits their playstyle.

  • Kyrian/Pelagos: Let Go of the Past now provides 1% reduced magic damage taken per stack, instead of Versatility.
    • The tooltip now reads "Using a spell or ability reduces your magic damage taken by 1% for 6 seconds. Using another spell or ability increases this amount by 1% when it is not a repeat of the previous spell or ability, stacking to 3%.

  • Necrolord/Emeni: Lead by Example now grants the soulbound player 2% additional primary stat per affected ally (was 5%), but will count all affected allies instead of just the first 2, and affects up to 4 nearby allies.
    • The tooltip now reads “Your Covenant class ability increases your primary stat by 5% and up to 4 nearby allies’ primary stat by 2% for 30.0 seconds. You gain 2% additional primary stat for each ally affected.”

  • Necrolord/Heirmir: Forgeborne Reveries, in addition to the existing post-death effect, will now also passively increase your primary stat and your armor by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3% if you have at least 3 enchanted armor items.

    • The tooltip now reads “Your primary stat and Armor are increased by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3%. Upon death your armor anchors your soul, allowing you to fight for an additional 10 seconds. During this time, your damage and healing done is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive healing.”

As always, your feedback is invaluable in helping us make these changes. Thank you!


Don’t lie to us.


They made these changes because of feedback.


So instead of trying to balance Pelagos, you completely remove the thing that made them good in favor of a defensive? What?

Edit: It is not listening to feedback to turn “Pelagos is very good” into “Pelagos will almost never be chosen”. Why are you incapable of not responding to something being to strong with a complete nuke of it?


Yeah this isn’t a Pelagos balance… this is nearly a removal of Pelagos lol


Yikes, that Pelagos trait change is pretty silly, if it was done much sooner in the beta cycle it would be different. But to leave that change so late is a little perplexing, let alone not having every soulbind always have an offensive option as their first pick too is a perplexing issue as well.

For example Kyrian still has issues with Bron’s call to Action being absurdly weak compared to other opening offensive passives and Kleia not having Pointed Courage as the opening option either hinders players from being able to enjoy having two offensive conduits plus their opening offensive bonus most soulbinds have available.

My only concern is going to be ongoing tuning once the xpac releases itself shifting the rung of ‘bis’ covenants leading to players having to put in a lot more time catching up on renown if another cov comes into play that would be more suitable.


This is a relic of the initial design of Soulbinds. One was meant to be throughput oriented with 3 Potency slots, one utility/pvp oriented with 3 Finesse slots, and one defensive oriented with 3 Endurance slots.

Then they decided to flip them on their heads without redesign. So now we have a soulbind system that is not coherent and covered in band-aid fixes. For some reason Necrolords now have 3 throughput soulbinds, and Kyrian only have 1?

Is the system really worth all of the development resources spent on trying to fix it?


Yall got any more “wait til we’re less than a week away from launch” changes you want to let us know about?


Pretty sure Blizzard is just operating on a Sunk Cost Fallacy at this point. They’ve dumped a ton of resources into it already, so they’re “committed”, else all the effort would be “wasted”. Even if dumping all of that garbage and implementing a proper solution would actually both better and lower cost at this point.


Can we get Theotar undeleted? Please? Soothing Shade is a miss for a huge % of specs and Wasteland Propriety has had its wings thoroughly clipped to pay for the sins of Condemn

You know what doesn’t disappear Xpac to Xpac? Core Class systems. Maybe focus on those for a bit until the community stops being pissed.


Glad to see Let Go of the Past just be outright changed, but this surely is not any value to anyone in its current state, right?
A 3 percent magic reduction is far too indirect of a value for a soulbind main spell.

It would need to be much higher if we are certain we want this to be even a niche pick, otherwise it is just not matching up well with any other soulbind’s first choice, right?

Glad we are able to move on from the versatility stuff though.


This is an effective deletion of Pelagos, and even worse because Pelagos was the single throughput soulbind for Kyrian DPS.

If there were concerns about Pelagos overperforming, you could have tuned down the versatility and extended the duration so specs like mages who can’t use different spells often can also use this soulbind.

But this is a complete destruction on the level of what you did to the warlock Venthyr and Necrolord covenant abilities or what you did to Flayed Shot for hunters.


Why not just add the good stuff to other soulbinds?

The game would be more fun if you buffed more and nerfed less.


This is not even a nerf. This basically renders the soulbind unusable for DPS, and those classes that don’t have strong Kyrian covenant abilities have basically been exiled to other covenants as a result because the soulbind can no longer compensate for the deficiency of the covenant class skill.


Which wouldn’t even be that bad except they have a system where swapping covenants in order to offspec is a complete chore / borderline impossible.

It’s like grinding out a separate heart of azeroth for your dps spec, tank spec, and heal spec… plus a quest line every time you want to swap it out.


Blizzard got rid of “throughput” soulbinds, so you should too. Then start counting the throughput effects per soulbind.

Aside of Kleia and Draven, all Soulbinds now have three throughput options (conduits, traits, or choice between the two). Pelagos had four prior to this change.

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Yeah, but it’s not just the power metric. If you were to swap, you lose the aesthetics, and people really undervalue aesthetic as a driving factor in mmoRPG

Even if they removed the swapping cd, many people would be absolutely aggravated by having to give up their preferred transmogs, mounts, and weekly activity.

Except throughput nodes are not created equal. Combat Meditation isn’t even close to the throughput of other soulbinds.


A soulbind is throughput if its signature trait is throughput. All soulbinds have 2 Potency and one throughput as their last trait, so the signature trait is the deciding factor.

And in the case of Necrolords, they now have 3. Kyrian technically has 2, but Bron is so undertuned I do not count it.

You’re absolutely correct, however removing the swapping CD and transferring all progress would be a massive improvement over the current state of things.

The whole “meaningful choice” doctrine is the most absurd narrative I’ve ever heard. Half my toolkit should not be effectively unswappable because of some arbitrary RP/Cosmetic choice.