Soulbinds Preview

I’m a bit wary of the one that makes you immune to CCs.

This is the stuff we need to hold Blizzard to, they can clearly balance PvP separately, so they must do so. I have no issue if they amended it in PvP to something along the lines of standing still for x period of time reduces the next cc by x% duration, on a CD.

They’re not going to have two separate systems for the 17 people who still PvP in this game…

These spell descriptions are terrible. Really hard to understand how these actually work when most of the information is just lore… lol.

They should of just released a talent calculator to play with.

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I wonder if you have to use the CC immunity preemptively, or if it also functions as a second trinket.

I’m sure they will, its still early. I agree though. Super ambiguous.

pallys have been immune to CC for ages… it should be fine

It doesn’t say that Fleshcraft can be used while CCed so I’m assuming you must use it preemptively. But I can be mistaken.

I looked up fleshcraft and it’s a 2min cd 20% health shield that is channeled for 4 seconds.

Yeah youll precast fleshcraft as the gates open assuming that cov is good for you on its class specific ability itll be really good into RMX comps. Outside that its a 2 minute cd that you have to do a 4 second channel to get a 20% max hp shield. Seems very underwhelming.

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Be honest, PvP would be better off