Soulbinds now class wide, not per spec

The stated goal is that you will be able to stockpile energy (including on days you don’t play the game, days you don’t swap specs, days you play alts etc) to allow your main to swap multiple times in a day on the days where you do need to do that. That may not be what’s on the beta right now, but that’s the stated goal.

So Im running a casual, non competitive Rdruid to mainly solo with.
In your estimation if I am driving to be a half decent Rdruid what will the difference be if I spec to Feral for running a dungeon or two here and there?
I mean, am I losing 5% DPS compared to someone who set out to make a decent Feral…more?

Super useful when I play my main everyday.

Yeah and it’s awful. I’d prefer the weekly cooldown at that point. At least I have an excuse to run around with wrong spec conduits.

I don’t know what you think this is solving or making better. This is downright anti off spec and anti player.

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You can still play your main every day. Just don’t treat your conduits like a revolving door, and make choices that matter.

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The conduits are not made to be “choices that matter”, they’re purely mathematical choices.

If they wanted us to make “choices that matter”, Potency conduits wouldn’t exist at all.

“Choices that matter”, let’s see. Dark Transformation conduit is my best Unholy conduit and for Frost, it gives me… oh right, nothing. Frost doesn’t have Dark Transformation. Great conduit. 10/10. Stuck with it for 24 hours.


Well being able to swap tank to heals or dps per M+ run has been useful. Sad that is being shot to hell.


in before a bunch of people who play classes with a bunch of equally viable choices (or one choice that’s superior for all specs) come to say they don’t understand the problem

Honestly if you’re not trying to push over +15 mythics or 1500 arena rating you’ll probably be fine.

Soulbinds might not even be the major pain point.
I dont know how much you’ll be forced to grind in order to have up-to-date legendaries and conduits on multiple specs.
The weekly chest is being emphasized as a key source of your gear, and its a lockout. I dont know how different your stat priorities are going to be for your various specs.

For me, I say an expansion is more alt-friendly than off-spec friendly if I can accomplish the same level of performance on an Alt in less time than I could if I offspecced.

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They are choices, Dissonant echoes might be best but I would never pick a voidbolt focused conduit for my build, instead I would choose mind devourer.

Choice exists, some are simply slaves to the sims and dont get to choose anything ever

So save your conduit energy for when you swap specs, easy : )

Well at least with most covenants, the tank soulbind is different than the dps soulbind, so that won’t be much of an issue. On Venthyr, you’ll DPS with Nadjia, tank with Draven.

I’ll never understand the need to create these systems in all honesty.
I feel like Ion just is bored at this point.

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If you are lucky and your best souldbind is not the same for both of the spec you wanna play, it is better.

For others is just going to force them to wait and play the game less, because contrary to what Blizzards believes people dont want to be stuck playing suboptimal, they would rather wait for the energy to change it.

An easy example is someone that raids as a healer/tank, but dps in m+, they wouldnt have enough energy to switch each day, so they would probably wait until the weekend to do m+.

cool. thanks. I dont keep up enough on the info to understand whats going on, lol. I just hear all the complaining about and assume the worst (as always).

I dont understand why they do this. I mean, I run healer spec for solo content, but sometimes I want to run group content but Im not in the mood to heal. A group doesnt need a healer who’s not in the mood, lol.
Just hard to understand why blizzard has to do this stuff perpetually.

Which one produces the most Raid DPS ? (MT + maybe cleave, depends on fight). Most AoE DPS ? (dungeons, Mythic+) ?

There’s an obvious answer, and picking the wrong one means you’re not as good as you should be, no matter your “preference”.

I can swap specs 4-5 times a day. I get 1 conduit energy per 24 hours.

Awful system is awful. Just let us swap conduits at will at the forge.


Dissonant echoes, yet because the gameplay is trash I am gonna pick mind devourer :3
Because unlike you, I am not a slave to sims and meta

Time to learn to make choices, you shouldnt be switching that many times ever, if you ahve a spec you enjoy stick with it, you are trying to minmax each encounter than good, you should never have been allowed to do that to begin with.

Ok, congratulations on being sub-optimal.

Math problems are not choices. Solving for a math equation has a right and wrong answer, it’s not a matter of opinion.

I enjoy all 3 specs.

What kind of dumb statement is that ? How dare people use their tools to beat the challenges put in game.

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They are now, you cant have the optimal build for every single boss anymore thanks to covenant conduit locking : )

SO time to actually make choices so you choose what covenant conduits you will have for most of the raid like it should have been a long time ago.

Sure I can, I’ll wait a day each time. So instead of doing progression on a boss after killing one, we’ll call raid and wait out the cooldown so the raid can spec for the next progression boss.

It’s just a really bad timegate.

Of course, YOU would defend this. Thanks for the bumps.

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How dare people use the blatantly obvious best mathematical build for each encounter to reduce the intended challenge of an encounter that was never designed with 100% optimization in mind because non tryhard guilds are also meant to down them without optimal combs or builds.

Maybe just get better instead of obsessing over mathematical builds, thankfully blizzard understood how wrong was to allow full optimization and have finally ended it

If you are that bad where you guild cant do content without being 100% optimal that sounds like a skill problem.

In Mythic, the encounters actually are designed that way though.

Anyone who’s wiped at 1% knows this.

No, it sounds like a game design problem.

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