Soul shard deletion macro

hey guys, was wondering if anyone had a macro that automatically deletes soul shards after i drain soul if my soul bag is full? I wanna use improved drain soul, but without this i literally cant because i spend more time going in and deleting soul shards out of my bags than i do playing the game.
Im not very good with macros. I found this online
/cast Drain Soul(Rank 1)
/run PickupContainerItem(4,GetContainerNumSlots(4)) DeleteCursorItem()
but it… doesnt work. I tried fiddling around with it, putting my soul bag in different slots and changing the 4 to match. tried adding “soul shard” in those empty brackets at the end cause i have no idea why thered be random empty brackets or what they do for the macro, but it just doesnt work, no soul shard deletion. even fiddled with the rank, got rid of it so it just used max rank, but nothing.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Doesn’t work anymore as it’s limited, you can’t have more than 32, so a soul bag of 32 will never get over capacity.

oh really? my soul bag is 16 so that explains it then. ill just have to get me a 32 slotter then. thanks for the quick reply man.
As I said, Im really bad with macros so I assumed I was just missing something or just dumb

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I believe, if it still works, keep 16 shards in your bank + your 16 shard bag = 32.

and they will not overflow to your other bags.

the macro broke in phase 2 wotlk, have to get a 32 slot bag now.

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