Soul leech bugged so Demon skin doesn't work

I mean the math doesn’t lie.

I have 308k HP and my Soul leech is 30,870 with 2/2 Demon skin.

If max is 15% of HP then Soul leech should be 46,200 so the final point in Demon skin does nothing. No difference between 1/2 and 2/2 for maximum absorb.

Spec out of the increased health talents and see if it changes.

Not sure why this matters?

Okay without the increased health I drop down too 294k HP and my Soul leech is 29,400 with 1/2. I then put 2/2 demon skin and my Soul leech is still stuck at 29,400. It changes nothing. The 2nd point does nothing regardless of speccing out of the Health 5%.

Fact is we can’t get the 15% from the talent the 2/2 point does nothing.

Wanted to see if talents were interacting in a way that would disable eachother.

Lock been having a lot of weird unintended interactions with our talents this expansion so figured it was worth looking into.

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Gotcha yea been messing with it and so far haven’t been able to get 2/2 demon skin to reward the intended bonus. I’ve submitted a bug report in game. Just atm the talent isn’t helping in regards to intended absorbs.

If it was a shadown nerf where they changed absorb max values the final point should at least do something. Which is why I think it’s a bug since it has no effect.

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What a waste of talent points in this borrowed power system.

I have noticed this as well. I just checked, and it applies to absorb coming from damage done as well, not just the passive absorb increase. So it’s a hard 10% cap with no way around it. Oh well. That talent point is free to be used on other things, at least!

Correct which is kinda annoying.

Problem is we still want the .4 passive regen from the 2/2. It’s just the 2nd part of it doesn’t work. So the talent is messed up. At the end of the day it just need to be fixed.

Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about the recharge increase. Also, I just realized it wouldn’t be possible to skip it anyway because it’s required for talents further down unless one wants to spend points on fel pact.


You misunderstand what borrowed power is

So weve been putting 2 points into a talent that only works as one. Sigh, this damn expansions is riddled with bugs in talent trees.

And yet we still get tuned according to them. Like the grimoire of felguard “bug” reveiving amps from felguard talents but never got back from the nerfs to the spec.

And agree to nerfing the damn gear before adjusting the spec.


Yea I just copied this thread to the bug report forums too now. Hope we get some answers.

Yeah looks like its hardcapped at 10% regardless if your in pve or pvp mode.

Just checking but are you attacking the dummies in valdrakken? Just asking because those dummies are counted as pvp dummies which halves your set bonuses and gives your spells a bunch of modifiers that wouldn’t be there in pve (10% soul leech cap).

It doesn’t matter where I am or what I do. PvE or PvP it’s not working and is hard capped at 10%. So the final talent is doing nada in increasing it too 15%. There has been no mention of a nerf to this and if it is nerfed I doubt they would have a talent not increase it at all.

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This was nerfed months ago… the tooltip was not changed

Can you link the nerf? Sorry just started playing.

Kinda a weird nerf that 1/2 is the same as 2/2 absorb. I’d imagine that 2/2 should at least be better.

Can’t link it but it was back when they nerfed our plus health talents and the % heal that soul leech provides as well. They nerfed our survivability in like 2 hot fixes about 4 months ago. Just checked was the december 13th patch notes

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Thanks at least we have “some” answers.

If they are going to make this change they half did it cause 2/2 doesn’t do anything for absorbs. Furthermore it’s super lazy to apply a change and then not fix the tool tips or talent cause players think something is working as intended and it’s not.

No wonder why people don’t play Dragonflight. This is from Dec and it’s still not fixed and having talents not work for nearly half a year is insane. Sorry I came back to give it another try. Half the talents don’t work and game riddled with bugs. Guess I’ll go back to other games instead of wasting time here.

Not trying to rant. Just as a new player it’s really stupid trying to dig through these bugs and changes that aren’t applied correctly. Real turn off for trying to get into a game.

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They need to convert this to a single point talent so we can take the talent below it.

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