Soul leech bugged 2/2 Demon skin doesn't work

Just adding this now here too. Hoping it gets fixed. The 2/2 talent doesn’t work through many test and feedback.

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This needs to be fixed asap!

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Bump, need more bug fixes.

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Well found the culprit with help from other thread.

Problem is 2/2 Demon skin doesn’t do anything for absorbs. So if they are going to nerf something they need to not make a talent point do nothing. Furthermore they shouldn’t apply any changes that don’t show up in the tool tip. So players think something is working as intended and it clearly isn’t.

Also this is from Dec of last year? I just came back to play and something like this still exist and hasn’t been fixed for half a year? Sorry but time to unsub again. Blizz you need to do better if half the talents don’t work as they should.

No wonder why ppl can’t get into Dragonflight. Sorry for trying again.