So,the new Shadow pvp talents are the worst ideas ever

literally useless.

So i can cast while moving but the enemy knows exactly when i hit myself for 65% life and i cant ever pick it because nobody is that bad that they wont just stun and kill me when i hit myself for 65%.

The other ability might accidentally hit a melee on accident and do nothing but tickle them.

useless and infuriating.

“if it’s not broken, break it”- blizzard 2021


Not that I play Shadow, but you can always Dispersion at the end of Surrender to Madness and it shouldn’t kill you. (with the PvP talent that is)

That’s what happened with the old Surrender to Madness atleast, when it took 90% of your health away at end. Not sure if same would apply here.

Using Dispersion doesn’t avoid Surrender to Madness. You might disperse after taking the damage, but that’s our big defensive cd, so it may not be worth it.

The other talent could potentially be good against double melee comps, but it’s quite unreliable. Sometimes you just don’t hit anyone, who wants a talent that may do absolutely nothing. It looks mostly like a troll talent for BG.

Well if you manage to kill your enemy then you don’t have to worry about it. Use it to keep high pressure on your opponent after your first voidform.

the surrender doesnt take u below 35% if ur around 50 when it happens u literally take like no reps. And void volley is insane. Combined with surrender u can double volley and kill in stuns insanely easy. Its actually disgusting combo. People actually need to try this stuff out before complaining lol. Surrender alone u can force SO many cds and besiudes if u embrace near the end of it u fully heal just from the amount of devourings u get

I just did a BG with you. You somehow made the siege engine invisible on Isle of Conquest and ended the game with 98 killing blows because of it. How did you do it?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was in the siege cannon, not the siege engine. No clue who was driving the siege engine itself. Sorry mate.

Edit: If it helps, I couldn’t even see who was driving the siege engine because the driver spot on the vehicle UI was empty. I was just maining the cannon going ham, had no clue it was invisible as I wasn’t the one driving.

why is your name Invisible if i can see you?

My name is not Invisible, it’s Invincible.

Why yall bother responding to this gremlin is beyond me. he’s such a trash troll


Broken clock’s right twice a day seems to be the take on this one.

Quick question, can you greater fade the surrender to madness damage. I assume not but I’ve never played it.

you probably can, but then you’re using an important defensive just to use an offensive, and you’ll likely be in a stun because they know exactly when you just decided to almost kill yourself.