Sorry Wranduin Fans (Shadows Rising Spoiler)

When it all gets to be too much for our young King Anduin, he likes to slap on a disguise and go to MG Goldshire to enjoy flirting with thicc attractive barmaids.

Apparently, Jaina also enjoys the temptations one can only find at the Lions Pride Inn!



Moonguard was right all along.


Anduin goes through alot and he’s really young. He needs some time to just be a normal guy.

There has never been evidence to support the ship. Anytime he’s ever thought sexually or had to just ralk about romance. It’s for women.

Now in the book shaw and flynn seem kinda a maybe. But I’m not entirely convinced. They seem more like good friends by the end of the book.

Personally i thought the book was just meh. I enjoyed before the storm and tides of war more.


I’m thankful they included that bit in the book, but… sadly the shippers are going to ignore it, and keep proposing their pairing that has 0 evidence to it.

Pretty much this.


Everybody knows Anduin is a man of the /waggle anyway.


That and dwarfs. His first crush was on a dwarf priest.

She died though.


Doesn’t mean Wranduin can’t happen.


Even if anduin was bi. He has to marry a women and have hiers for his people. Plus he has to keep the nobles happy to.

This is a fantasy medieval universe. As a king anduin has rules and protocals he must follow.


I know you don’t wanna hear it but I like the ship. I hear people can get upset about the whole Wranduin thing, yeah there’s no proof of it but people end up making it into a thing either way.

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I’m almost done reading the book, and I’ve been loving it so far! I enjoy this author immensely.

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Like people can ship if they want. But guys can be friends and not be romantic. It urks me when people are trying to force things just because.


Fandoms like to get carried away. No one can be friends anymore… it’s like a freaking soap opera with them whenever someone meets up in a fantasy setting or wherever, lol.


-shrug- I mean… that’s fine. My only issue really is with the people who want it to be canon and/or think it is already canon. I honestly think it’s a creepy ship in the first place, considering Wrathion’s age (I don’t care that he’s a dragon), but I can’t stop people from liking a pairing.


Yeah that’s true, and like Vàsh said, fandoms get too carried away.


It wasn’t a bad book. Just alright.

There was fluff that didn’t add anything to the story. Nothing involving sylvie is resolved.

Characters like talanji act out of character.

The alliance is the only force actively trying to find sylvie.

And there are no heart wrenching scenes that really ripped put my heart or brought me to tears.

Like before the storm hit me hard emotionally 6 plus times. Wills death from old age as anduin is powerless to watch. As he looses another father figure made me cry.

But this book didn’t hit me like that.

Another thing is when i listened to the before the storm audio book vs the rising shadows audio book. Before the storm had multiple readers with unique matching voices to each character (unless one person has insane voice range).

Shadows had 1 women voicing dozens of characters of many races and 2 genders. She did her best asnd it was fune but a women trying to voice a man still sounds a bit awkward and out of place.


That’s my only issue with the pair, I don’t wanna hear someone’s BS explanation on how dragons age in WoW either. Wranduin as a best friend pair is fine but beyond that is a no from me. The internet is already messed up than it is.


Monarchs must further their dynasty I suppose.

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You can further your blood line… and have some fun on the side :wink:

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Mistresses and side lovers are a historical thing for both men and women.

But anduin straight says he wants to marry for love and he hasn’t meant anyone.

So i doubt he would take a mistress.


they settled the argument of wranduin by making mathias and flynn gay.

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