Sorry; noob question

What does Storm, Earth and Fire do exactly if they aren’t fixated on a single target? Even the conduit only applies the damage increase after they’ve been fixated. EDIT; I’ve basically just been double clicking my keybind when I use them.

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Unless you fixate them they will seek out mobs to attack in aoe situations. Focusing them is for single target.

For cleavr/aoe do not focus them.


oh ok. thanks a lot.

yeah, after clicking it, you see a giant red arrow for the icon. u hit it again if u wanna focus them… if not, just go about your rotation.

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When not fixated they will attack different targets so you can get stacks of mark of the crane easily.

It’s ok, the amount of time they’re bugged at doing 66% less damage than intended is typically longer than the time per-patch they’re fixed. (They break this ability every damn patch I swear).

So if they’re wandering around doing their own thing, it’s sightseeing to ease their depression.