Soonest I can realistically attend ICC raids?

Hello, I’m leveling a lock that Id like to attend ICC with raids with. I’ve been taking advantage of the 50% exp boost and I’ve gotten to level 60 in less than a week. I expect to be 80 next week some time. Realistically how soon can I get into ICC? Is catching up on gear going to take awhile? I didnt play this phase of classic back in the day so I dont know how catching up gear wise played out.

With a lot of grinding and a little bit of luck, you can probably manage it by launch. Afterwards it’ll be super easy with Titan rune gammas and the ICC dungeons

Thanks for the response. Sounds like even if I can’t make it exactly by launch I could make it at least make it soon after.

Well a few things you’ll want:

Do you have addons (recount, deadly boss mods, weak aura, et cetera).

You probably won’t make it in to a successful group without a gear score above 4.5k.

Do you know the boss fights, routes, et cetera? If not now is the time to learn them!

For gear, while PvP gear is typically frowned upon, it’s better than quest gear. Get what you can from the AH for PvE gear and fill in the missing spots with PvP gear. It doesn’t take long to get the PvP gear depending on your server and faction population.

Are you in a guild that has the final goal of ICC? If not find one.

Do you know and are you able to play your class competently and competitively? I haven’t mastered a single class but I can play a ret and prot pally very well, a frost and unholy DK well, a combat rogue very well, and a balance druid almost like a boss. If you don’t truly know the class and role you desire, look up guides on youtube and icyveins.

In the end You shouldn’t have much of a problem with the above advice. Do be prepared to meet opposition because people are often stupid and want to create a carry group because they don’t know the fights.

One thing I did not mention is that I’ve cleared all content on a tank pally up until this point. I’m playing on an alt now because I got really sick of tanking ulduar and such and took a few month break. When I left my tanks GS was a little over 5k.

I have all the add ons.

I have NEVER done ICC, but I will be watching tons of videos, and I am in a guild that is going to push for us to know things ahead of time.

I have never raided with a warlock in wotlk. I know im not gonna be super amazing at first but Ive been playing since I was a kid so I WILL improve, and Im sure Ill do it quickly.

If the minimum is 4.5k I could probably even jump in on my pally for the first couple weeks. I thought itd be a bit higher.

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We used to have the ability to buy old gear with badges on your class vendor in Dal (to previous raids). I’m not sure if that will be the case or not, but if so you could go that route by farming emblems.

dude, if AV weekend ever pops up, spam it for massive exp.

Depends on how much time you can invest into the game.

Upon 80, go farm that Honor to get full 232 PvP set (Furious Glad) + other PvP offpieces. This will give you massive GS boost. If you can heal or tank, it’s a plus.

Then you get some cheap BoEs from AH (if you have gold) and get cheapest gems you can find. Lots of mixed gems go for 5-10g a pop.

Then you go off to new Gamma Protocol (H+++) dungeons via premade or RDF. And you farm them. Non stop. For a week. Or 2. Enough to get tons of 245’s ilvl gear.

But most importantly, I’d strongly advise you to find a guild.

Google your server’s discord. Lots of guild put up ads on there who actively seek players. If you got skill, commitment, willingness to learn and not a complete trash person, you should be able to find a guild.

Most guilds are super down to earth. Just don’t be an a$$ and show up on time for raids.

Go level in bg’s.

You’ll get the xp and the honor. Once you reach level 80 you use that honor to buy pvp gear and increase your gear score, so you can run some heroics to increase your gear score even more.

ICC isnt going to be released on the 10th. Its going to release on the 12th so you will have 2 days of RDF to fill things out.

Do not get pvp gear, its garbage and is only used to get around gs/ilvl requirements. You also shouldnt be getting heroic dungeon gear anyways and I dont know why people think thats why people are in heroic dungeons in the first place when they arent. They are in there because of push over content to get emblems, those emblems get 232 gear and in RDF you can get 232/245 actual dps gear.

Furious weapons will be available for honor next phase. For casters, these are really strong with the same spellpower as any other ilevel 238 weapon would have, and a socket to boot, offsetting the wasted resilience. A great starter item.

For trinkets, run brewfest boss and save emblems of heroism from questing, and run toc5 regular if Abyssal Rune is still good, otherwise there’s a pretty good one in regular ICC heroics. And of course there’s the toc25 trinkets from the new sidereals.

There will probably be pre-raid BiS lists posted on WoWhead, as there have been for previous phases.

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