SoO (Retail) - Galakras Encounter

Still bugged. Shot Galakras in the head 10 times and Zaela remained airborne.

Yeah - just noticed this. Makes clearing the rest of the raid solo impossible.

Did Not Notice until now since I am doing LFR for Druid and other leather drops that is such a let down. They Sandwich in these to me Pointless little SideAdventures ( Pluderstorm and Now Pandaria Remix) into the Main game itself. I guess they did that to save time and make rewards transferring over easier but I honestly wish these events were Limited time and Offered No rewards or goodies to your main WoW game. Treat them as a fun thing to do besides WoW and instead put them in there own seperate drop down catergory on the Launcher just how Classic etc was. Your time and effort say on that or If they actually put the time and effor into transferring the rewards Over Like how the 2 Hearthsteed Mounts Did when you lanched a different game. It managed to send you those mounts into your Mailbox. I imagine they could of done the same without attaching these 2 limited time events to the main game like some sort of Parasite.

I say that last part since When there is a Problem with one of these and they need to take the game offline for an hour to do the Maintenance the Main Game Also has to go offline due to the parasitic twin Nature they have decided to go with. I hope they learn in future when Messing around with any similar events and expansions Not to Bind the 2 Together but keep them Seperate It worked for Classic it can work for these, And if they are too lazy or cheap to do that work then Just dont do it at all we will be better off not having it.

I agree. Fun part is, telling people in-game and having them ARGUE with you that they did it two weeks ago (before MPR) or that they did it yesterday…that you are just too stupid and that the fight bugs out.

I was looking forward to farming SoO and other areas during this event so I could approach the collection of cosmetics from both sides - to do it in an efficient manner. No such luck.