Songs that just make you tear up every time

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Any song featured in bojack horseman will do

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“For Good” from Wicked always gets me, for multiple reasons.

A little history of why this song gets me so much. In the 80’s, I went to tons of Grateful Dead shows and in 1986, Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist, went into a diabetic comma.

It took him months to recover and when the band was going to play again, I was wondering what the first song would be when they hit the stage. It was this song.

Here you have Jerry who nearly died, hitting the stage with those words, “I will get by, I will survive” I balled like a baby. Then the words to the song change to “We will get by, we will survive”

So, I post this song to share my moment, but I also dedicate this song to the world, because, “We will get by, we will survive” this pandemic. :heart:


A beautiful way for a band to say goodbye, and as it turns out, for a great man to say goodbye. Thank you always, Neil.

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Because Kitty0706.

slightly…then i get into, ok im destroying something mindset

this one does it more though

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The music from the Auchidon

That’s a great song. Really helpful when feeling blue and just need a good cry.

Definitely my favorite Dead song. And I hope you’re right.

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The entire album just switches on the water-works for me.

Why? Just by how it sounds, or because it reminds you of something? I’m not familiar with Violet Evergarden. Is it an anime series or something?

It is. It’s not bad, but I kinda wish it had a prequel.

It is quite an emotional anime, yes. I believe it is still on Netflix and I would highly recommend a watch.

I really want a prequel of her and the Major during the war.

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Carry you
Find you

Or Isbell’s “If We Were Vampires,” a song about how married couples rarely die together, and one of them will have to live in loneliness after the first one has gone.

One of those subjects no one really wants to think about, but practically half the population ends up having to deal with it at some point. My mother lived 12 years longer than my father and mourned him in some way every day.


Well said. Rush ended on their own terms with one of their best albums, and “The Garden” is sublime.

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I don’t cry easily lol

None really. Although when I watched Avatar:The Last Airbender on Netflix one of the tracks caught me off guard. It was strange because I don’t believe the track made me emotional when I originally watched it on TV. lol