Sometimes Blizzard does something right

Feels good man


I agree, love all of these changes. About the only thing that can top this for me is for them to announce the expected launch date.


This is the Classic we should have gotten originally, with all the obvious exploits fixed.


No thanks. Most class specs are still broken/flawed to meme status & horrid gear itemization just makes it worse. Have fun playing the small handful of meta specs in the Vanilla game & making fun of everyone else who chooses not to run with the meta-herd.


100% This ^^^^^


Is the LFG tool the same thing that was in Wrath?
I hope not , seems like that would take away from the open world that makes classic so unique.

I like all the other changes

It literally says it’s the one from tbc :expressionless:


It’s not perfect by any means, but I think it’s what we’ll get. May not be for everyone, but it sounds pretty fun to me.

I’m really just pleasantly surprised that I think the needle is moving in the right direction.


All I see is Blizzard continuing to flush away valuable development time while the subs are declining. What we actually need (a reduction in realms) isn’t being done or even mentioned.

I need to admit the changes seem acceptable, except the lfg tools


I actually don’t mind the LFG tools because of the shortened timeframe.

Besides, if it’s the TBC tool no one will use it anyways.


i know right
in a way it’s almost scummy of blizzard
here’s the game with all the exploits fixed, enjoy
uh why couldn’t we have gotten this ages ago :expressionless:

Hell yeah! Week 4 buff the memes!

I agree I do like the change is a lot I don’t think it’s enough though I think they should Is increase mob experience by 2X And Is quest experience by 3X Is with mage boosting nerved this would be fine

Not exactly. They should have fixed the exploits though. But it’s too little, too late now. The players aren’t going to come back to play this. All you’re going to get are the outliers and some tourists here and there.

Without increased drop rates most hardcore players aren’t going to really want to bother with this mess because then they have to end up playing 3-4 characters just to gear their guild with split raids and that’s a big chore that leads to massive burn out and makes it difficult to retain raiders.


Yeah I’m super hyped for SoM. Gonna be fun af. Tbc is fun and all but only as a raid log game. Can’t wait to get back into vanilla

This is what I try to get across to people, but ignorance is bliss

I think most people secretly want LFG like it was in wrath, I was happy when they introduced it in wrath and with the current state of Classic Vanilla? it’s dead.
You always have that option to spam in LFG channel “LFM need Tank” and then travel to the dungeon if it was added. I would rather have it.

you belong in retail

Same two champs saying SOM is dead on arrival yet they post here everyday. On the other side you have Arielba that didn’t even play classic and thinks their opinion matters. How’s about both camps put a sock in it and let’s see how SoM does. The changes are good so far and we’re stocked to see what else comes. I farmed Naxx till tbc prepatch (7 months) and I’m still excited to play this again so they are doing something right .