Something was here, but what?

Looking for a good Brewmaster tank!

Congrats on 5/8M!

This team is where things are happening.

We’ve made significant improvements over the past month and are looking forward to finishing this tier STRONG and starting the next one even stronger!

Efficient raid teams, quality people. GGEZ

time for you to get to the top of the list

Why do you keep falling? Here ya go, Little Dude.

DH or Rogue!!! C’mon down! A Fire Mage, too.

Bumpity bump!

Bumpity bump!

Really need a sin rogue and a fire mage? Who is up for it? Getting close on Court,

How does this keep getting down here?

Check this team out!! I would bet on them killing Court this weekend!

Get back up there, you.

Bump it up. Get in here!

Very close to Getting down Court! Need a Brewmaster, a DH, a spriest and/or Fire Mage.

Consider this post bumped.

Hey you, how did you get down here?

Do the bumpdy bump!

Back up there, you!