Somebody has 10 gold minutes after server opened. How?

Even with 40 guys farming every mob in Valley of Trials as soon as it spawns with 100% tap rate (not losing a single spawn, ever, to anyone outside of their group) 10g wouldn’t be possible.

I’m thinking there’s an exploit someone discovered in Beta that they kept under their hats.


There is some people who have like 40 accounts.

Its crazy.

Crowd sourced income from streaming audience?


You are 100% correct. Something is going on here…

ALSO: People have been showing /who in the area and you can clearly see the mixup is too random to be a multiboxer (as one myself).

in less than an hour… doubtful

they probably had a lvl 1 run down to the arena in stv and looted the chest


Well it’s obviously Blizzard employees giving gold to these streamers!!!111one


Are you sure you cant just type whatever number you want in trade? Prove that someone actually has that much.

Or ya know, they bought it from gold farmers like normal people.


Yes you can ONLY put into a trade window the gold that is actually on your character.

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Buying gold on a server thats been open less than 2 hours? How did they farm the gold?


muli boxers out be banned


lmao this is funny

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multi boxers. entire guilds putting their 2 cents together, pooling it to make the trade time for the streamer much shorter.

Gold buying plain and simple…

Ancient Chinese secret?


For the true Vanilla experience!


It wouldn’t surprise me if the spergs saying “LOL GOLD BUYING” on a 2 hour old server are in on the exploit used to generate this amount of money this early.

You can run a script that changes the ‘value’ of copper/silver/gold visually on your screen. It doesn’t actually give you more money.

So you change the ‘value’ of Copper to 1C = 1G, and suddenly if you have 50 Copper you instead have 50 Gold.

This was used all the time to convince people you had more Gold than you did for e-peen points back when Gold mattered in WoW.

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just do the math it does not take that long to get 2 silver. so 50 people can have 1 gold in a matter of mins. push it to a collection toon then pass it off once collected.
how many people are swarming Azmond? would be far more suspect if it was not on the “streamer server”

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