Some WoD Crafted Armor Sets and Weapons Unobtainable in Shadowlands

I’m going to guess that they will probably add back the lost WoD crafting armor sets alongside grey and white transmogs and old starter set transmogs.

If grey and white transmogs get added in say 10.1 or 10.1.5, then it would make sense to add the WoD crafting appearances as well.

Who knows when they will actually add this stuff, though. We’re already two years into the promise of the WoD appearances alone.

There’s also still no word on whether or not Brawler’s Guild is ever coming back.

Seriously? Did you even read what you wrote? How is “limited time” not an indication of, you know, time? Or do you not understand what “limited” means? Ok then Mr. Dictionary Humper, I am going to assume you’re not just trolling and instead being painfully pedantic.

So you’re telling me that if you go to a store looking for toilet paper and they tell you they’re out of stock “temporarily” you would not expect to see said toilet paper on their shelves again for the next 2+ years!?

Personally, I can’t fathom that way of thinking but I guess at least it saved you a lot of stress during the pandemic.

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Honestly. I’m not expecting you guys to ever fix this. So at least stop treating us like we’re stupid and come clean.


So very true. A game that started as an MMO is just being shifted into an ESports title with leveling as the barrier of entry to get started.

On the PTR/Beta they were doing a re-scaling of item levels while leveling to make the curve smoother. The end result has been a mess with even worse gaps at the same level than before, and items dropping for players in dungeons that are 10+ levels above what they can use. Players have tried bug reports and topics begging for it to be fixed only to be left shouting into the void.

If they can’t even get something that important right, these transmogs have no hope.

And no word on the races without heritage armors.


Not to burst your bubble, but this isn’t a pre-pandemic thread.

Eh? :slight_smile: I made this thread for the sole reason of: “Stuff are missing, bring them back”.
It had zero to do with Covid.

(Yes I am the alt of Korolak)

Even making this type of comment feels… like you are worse off than me with my apathy/depression and boredom.

As for the update:
“We’re still thinking about fixing this” is not good enough :frowning:
There are so many items missing and then there’s the white/gray mog talk; it feels like these things taking YEARS is beyond insanity.

Why is it taking so long?
Give us a reason.
We deserve one.


Yeah I am off by a few months, Dec 2019 :sweat_smile:

This right here. It’s quite literally at the core of every problem the game has faced in recent years. ESports have been the bane of gaming since their inception. Back in the day those of us who first got into tabletop games with D&D and then later moved on to computer gaming did so precisely to get away from the sportification of everything. Fast forward to the ESports era and our one time heaven has been utterly defiled and is barely recognizable anymore. We’re simply no longer the target audience for these games and it’s painfully obvious at this point.

So yeah, unless it gets Twitch views or makes ad dollars for Bobby, nothing is getting the attention it deserves.

This is such a simple fix, yet the powers that be are acting like it’s quantum mechanics. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if we are being trolled.


What I am hoping is that they’re planning a mini patch focused on transmog updates. The WoD armor added back in, the white/grays are moggable…maybe some other goodies we don’t know about?

Other missing armor sets?
More heritage armor?
Update to the set tab to include green sets and such?
Or dare I imagine…unfettered access to all unlocked mogs regardless of armor type? :hushed:


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t craft legacy profession recipes that required special objects to craft them.

From tonights hotfixes might be what we are looking for

Not, this is a fix for enchanting that it couldn’t use the Vellum , I don’t know if there was other professions impacted.

I just checked and WoD removed tmogs are still missing at least for Tailoring.

Except it didn’t fix the vellum bug. Still gives the same error message.

Oh :frowning: I didn’t check it, I just assume it was that issue.

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It’s stuff like this that really forces the player base to never trust anything the dev team says in good faith as it’s all ‘technically’ type double speak.

They said at the start of SL when the WoD stuff broke that it would be fixed in ‘a future patch’ which implies during the expansion cycle of SL. Instead, what they meant is ‘an indeterminant point in the future bundled in with a patch even if it’s multiple expansions down the road.’ which while technically a future patch, is heavily misleading and intentionally misconstruing what a reasonable person would understand of what they said.

Kind of like with the upped mount drop rates recently. They ‘greatly increased’ them, I’ve done 15+ kills on Galleon since then, and still no drop, and it had the highest base chance of the bunch, so for all we know the drop rate could have been increased by 200%, but a 200% increase of 0.03% is still only 0.09%.

TL:DR; the problem is that Bliz seems to be nothing but technicalities lawyers intent on missleading what reasonable folks would take what they say to mean because ‘WE knOW WHaT YOu WaNt AND ARe LisTeNING to FeedBacK’.

-edit- To clarify, it’s been 15+ kills since they upped the drop rate, I had 1k+ prior, I stopped counting sometime last year after getting to like 1400 some

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Perhaps they could just bundle them as ensembles on the new renown tracks, there’s a lot of empty space over the multiple 40 renowns.

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WoD Tmogs back…Also, White/Grey Items.

It only took 1 expansion and 1 patch but it’s going to be fix.


Now we just need the old starter sets back. We’ll have to see if starter sets are actually going to be included in the transmog update, though.

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Anytime now. We’re still waiting