Some Unholy DK PvP fixes

  • Nerf Death strike but bring back presences (blood, unholy, frost presence)

  • Nerf Chains of ice to 50% (was 70%) and bring back the necrotic strike aoe slow so we actually have a chance to reach resto druids in a burst
    ( )

  • Make Nectrotic strike AP based

  • Reduce DA passive slow immunity to 50% (was 70%)

  • Bring back MoP Soul reaper since dk is lacking damage compared to other meele classes now after the nerfs

(Inemia) #2

i take it you didn’t play in S1 when we were chopped liver, the current DS is well deserved and balanced. and honestly, i would rather have our pvp auras act as presences to swap between depending on need.

desecration was awesome, but that hasn’t been a thing since early wrath, also the problem with druids is druids themselves, i would rather see any shapeshifting for druids at all cost 35% of their total mana, this would limit their spam shapeshifting to get out of chains.

%HP based attacks are really nice for dealing with an opponent with a higher ilvl and/or significantly larger HP pool. making it AP based would really hurt against stuff like bears and blood dks.

eh, i liked MoP SR but the current one works as well, perhaps if we got MoP blood tap back and have MoP SR baseline. im not too sure on our damage, im not having issues even with my wonky spec, but im also not running high level rated, how bad is the nerf in arena?