Some unholy DK fixes

  • Nerf Death strike but bring back presences (blood, unholy, frost presence)

  • Nerf Chains of ice to 50% (was 70%) and bring back the necrotic strike aoe slow so we actually have a chance to reach resto druids in a burst
    ( )

  • Make Nectrotic strike AP based

  • Reduce DA passive slow immunity to 50% (was 70%)

  • Bring back MoP Soul reaper since dk is lacking damage compared to other meele classes now after the nerfs


open “fix” thread
ctrl f “bring back”

more than 0 results

close fix thread, let the dreamers keep dreaming


Yeah dude can I please get an aoe slow without having to spend extra runes thanks

While we’re at it wtb dnd fear back


None of these things are even a remote possibility before next xpac. I would be absolutely shocked to see anything but number tweaking until 9.0


you know that I also listed nerfs right? It’s supposed to help dk against classes like resto druids but also not make the 70% chains too anoying for warriors (for example). Therefore Chains slow would be reduced


I agree with the soul reaper change more than anything else. I miss old soul reap


Do nkt bring desecration back cus you wanna tunnel druids

(Dillon) #8

Tbh I don’t mind 70% chains but would like DA passive to maybe go away after using the active. Maybe that plus your suggestion, but keep 70% chains. AP based necrotic for sure.

Bring back Cata UhDk tho, at the end of the day DK is always going to feel super mongo by their playstyle but the skill cap was high and the damage+utility difference between a good and bad DK was immense.

Unholy Frenzy having both offensive and defensive usage with counterplay from the enemy team as well was so cool, and Garg was way cooler than Abomb :frowning:

Also I can’t believe Strang was ever removed and Asphix stayed but this is more off topic now


they’re already dead


I bet we spend more time trying to fix the game on arena forums in one day than a blizz dev spends in an entire month w8w8w8w8w8 Season**

(Sugarbawls) #11

holy chr1st, well isn’t that a blast from the past

(Raziael) #12

LOL yeah, because it’s not like every other spec in the game besides rogue didn’t get aoe cc after they pruned dnd fear saying it was too strong. Which is exactly what happened.


Dnd fear was absolutely dumb bro lol


idk i like unholy where its at currently, frost can be a bit overtly sticky though