Some things with IE's that could probably use some tuning


So I’ve hit my 150th run since 8.1, and I thought I’d share what seems to be some issues that could use tweaking.

  • Lack of any sort of diminishing returns of mobs vs players. (Will get into this more with other issues)

  • The azerite Crystal and Shardbacks (aka spiders). One at a time isn’t terrible, but in packs these guys are just horrible. Constant knockback, having to strafe out of their ground aoe Disorient, and the seemingly nonstop shields they put up. With 20k mana and needing to toss out Shadow Mends, I can only Dispel Magic so many times. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll actively ignore Azerite Machines for Ruptures unless someone else in my party goes to them.

  • On that note, a great many type of mobs in packs. A singular mob or two to three with certain TP moves is fine to deal with, but a whole pack can just be too much. Some examples other than the spiders are Yaks, Elks (knockback spam), Worms, Old gods (a group of these all spamming Hysteria, Void Bolt, and Shadow Crash usually ends up with someone dead), and a lot of the magic packs in general. There are others and honestly most mobs are pretty annoying to deal with in big packs.

  • The Kvaldir mists. I feel like these are totally broken. I can’t heal well, and I can’t dps well. You have to be literally ON TOP of a mob to “see” them. On that note, fighting some of the horde packs in the mists feels like an effort in futility. The mist doesn’t seem to affect them at all, and the mages can sit at a distance and blink away while continuing to cast while you have to chase them down within a yard to be able to hit them.

  • Some of the horde packs and the lack of DR on them vs us. The group with a DK, Hunter and Monk is the worst. They have 4 interrupts, a couple of which are on decently short CDs. (5 if you include the DK using death grip). On the other side of that, the Warbraves group (Pally Shaman Shaman) is silly easy to beat. I might just be imagining it, but I’m also pretty sure Sneaky Pete ignores aoes like Mind Sear after he hides/stealths.

  • PvP talents should at the very least, be enabled while in “pvp” combat vs horde packs (on non-pvp islands)

PS: I think the mount drop rate after the “afk” fix is totally broken Q_Q

(Salmonsteak) #2

I might just be imagining it, but I’m also pretty sure Sneaky Pete ignores aoes like Mind Sear after he hides/stealths.

You’re not wrong.

Vanish prevents all damage from breaking stealth for 3 seconds after its used.


Well that explains that at least, I need to learn and play more classes!

(Vyline) #4

Furthermore, Varigg yells WAY too much.

(Silvermage) #5

The Laser Cannons are OP, that damage needs toned down.

I think it is total bs that a mage can heal, something player mages are incapable of doing.

I too just ignore that azerite drill, only thing will do is flip it back from horde. Those npc’s just make that miserable.


this content is NOT tunned for 3 dps period, at least not 3 pug dps when you queue for heroic/normals.

overtunned skills 2 shotting you or 1 shotting you, AI bots without DR you could be sitting 10 second CC’d without do anything or silenced while they kill you.

also the lack of rewards after the drop rate nerf is just beyond frustrating.

(Zunde) #7

The Drill has two modes

If it’s a set of flags you should flip it because it give’s you a fair bit of azerite and a steady stream for as long as you own it.

Don’t bother if the Drill is a skull icon that just mean’s that it’s a gauntlet of mobs with a i’ll admit high score payout rare at the end but the elite spiders take so long to kill you’re better off focusing on clearing better packs


Too many people don’t realize that there’s two different types. Was in a group the other day ago, they clicked the machine on the Rupture, then ran away immediately… then got upset at me for “guarding” the machine. (After managing to solo all the waves).

(Zunde) #9

Running heroic islands. Used to be able to handle a bad player and still win fairly easily but now with the new scaling it’s harder and harder to carry the

Tank druid who acts like a dps and tries to 1v1 elites

The healer who thinks they’re in a dungeon so they sit off to the side throwing ineffectual heals on people who don’t need them and nothing else not even pick up azerite

Hunters who do nothing but auto shot

And in general people doing less then 3-4k dps

I used to have fun running heroic island expeditions but now with the mobs apparently being scaled to the next raid tier and nothing to bridge the gap until then combined with the enemy team being NPCs who don’t need god damn gear and can just walk through any mob pack its just ugh

Why did you do this blizzard?

(Secrets) #10

This is my current biggest complaint as well.

(Zunde) #11

The mist is hands down the most garbage mechanic in islands


you have done 150 of those things…god i could barely handle like 6-7 of them before i stopped.