Some rogue news just dropped (DF)

Rogue feedback has not fallen on deaf ears there is some news dump just few moments ago over at beta Dragonflight development blizzard tracker section.

Well what is it lol


Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another that you’re clowning around.


Here it is.

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Meh, it’s sub getting the good old “blizzard fix” at the beginning of an expansion. Why do sub need hit combo like windwalker? Who knows, I’m noob sin, I’ll be mediocre average every patch, every expansion, but hey at least my spec is reliable.

pseudo-monk mechanic heh

idk how to feel about it.

wish they just uncapped outlaw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Outlaw is gonna have group CD cooldown so i dont think anyone is gonna run sub tbh

Didn’t know Death had ears. The more you know.

I think they are removing stealth. They think that for too long Rogues have been sneaking up and jabbing players in the kidney and stunlocking them. To punish all rogues they now can’t stealth and must always face their opponent or they get a damage debuff.

Death has a face. Beware the face of death.

It never was falling on deaf ears. Realz was EXTREMELY active in the Rogue Discord, which I’d argue is about as direct and open an avenue for communication as humanly possible.

hugs Dreadsurge and fel rushes away