Some Profession receipes should of stayed super rare

After the lastest hotfix really killed a profession market and knowledge points wasted. It did feel really special able to get a super rare recipe “lariant” before the hot fix and throwing all your points at it to make it the very best. Now i feel i waisted my time and effort to craft something. And lastest hotfix demolished the market on my server it feels pointless to craft now. Just wanted to thank blizzard for their hot fix to trying to make professions fun again for 2 days. I’m just saying some recipes should of stayed super rare and worth your time investing then getting killed by a hotfix. ( i cant even craft the good gems now and and have to try to gain more knowledge bc i went all in on necks.}

it was never intended to be that rare

and millions of easy gold wasn’t enough for you?

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In the immortal words of Mr. Krabbs

I can think of ten good reasons to never let go of a dime, boy.


if you invested millions to buy the recipe don’t you expect a return in profit?

Its an investment not a guarantee. They dont all pan out.


buying a recipe for millions was extremely risky.

Plus it isn’t like it is that common now anyway, you still will get lots of business unless you were being a jerk.

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What did the hotfix do to the lariat recipe

I believe it wasn’t dropping off everything it was supposed to

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Sounds like you got finessed by the person who sold you the pattern who knew they were selling it to some sap at a hyper-inflated value that was always going to go down with time, just faster due to drop chance changes.


sorry that your 10 million gold profit isn’t enough. /small violin.

Should have. It is never “should of.”


This smells like trust fund baby upset that their NFTs didn’t turn a profit.

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Imagine coming to the forums for this. This is not a hugbox for the WoW wealthy.

I would be ecstatic if I was in your situation haha. I had 150+ knowledge into crafting the neck and all blue tools to be able to craft it with concentrated primal infusions for my raid team, before the primal storms even started.

I’ve been out there every day farming the rares and the latest hotfix for it hasn’t changed much. If anything, I’ve been more dillingent about making sure I get all the rares everyday and still haven’t seen it drop.

Since I’ve already was maxxed out for crafting the neck before it came out, I’ve switch to gems, but it still sucks to grind all that out and never even be able to put it to use. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to want to keep farming the rares every day. So, there’s a good chance I’ll never even get it and never be able to use the 120 points I have in setting.

LOL…and I got it, it sits on the AH for 1.7m gold…pretty cheap in comparrison…only 2 listed on AH too…
I think you got ripped off…maybe?