Some Frost Mage help

I have been away (Mage wise) for a bit - Seems I am consistently dieing period…1 Mob, dead…Multiple mobs…dead. Are we now really REALLY that squishy?

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

Start pulls with cone of cold to gain some distance, frostbolt, flurry, icelance, icelance

Im a tad baffled…

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Start with distance? Use pet nova and run either ring or double nova. Cone is only really for kiting when you don’t have a root to use and mobs are about to get to you. Orb is also a snare and since you’re using Concentrated put the far edge on mobs so they have to run the entire diameter or the orb to get to you. Get good at kiting in circles and using instants.

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Stop using Glacial Spike, Bone Chilling, and Frozen Touch on your Frost setup. BFA talents are dead. You’re better off running nothing instead of Glacial Spike, that’s how bad it is.


I miss glacial spike. So lame that it’s worse than taking nothing.

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You’re over thinking things. You can just single target mobs down with bolts and flurry procs + lances

Or you can gather mobs, nova, blizzard into orb and spam lances and bolts.

Keep shield up the entire time. You shouldn’t be having issues kiting. You have cold snap if you need another nova/ block/ barrier.