SoM Stormwind disconnections

Myself and many others in my guild and discord are experiencing the same problem:

Having logged out in Stormwind, we are unable to log back in. Immediately upon zoning in, the message “You have been disconnected from the server. (WOW51900319)” is displayed.

Attempting to reconnect and log in again results in the same thing: precisely one frame of world animation, no opportunity for input, and disconnection.

This has also happened a number of times without logging out - simply being in Stormwind is sufficient to trigger the disconnection.

Would appreciate this being fixed ASAP - Thanks


Also having a log of DC’s while questing in Westfall. I’m being booted off every 5-10 minutes or so.


I had to create a new toon and start leveling due to not being able to log in and play my toon anymore.



Stormwind is totally stuffed.


+1 as of yesterday, tried about 8 times to get back in with no luck.


Came thru deep run tram. Instantly d/c. Cannot log back in lol.

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Can’t log in either. SW DC soon as I join :frowning:

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It happened to me completely randomly in the middle of Ashenvale actually. My character became playable again after like 30 mins.

Still happening. I get disconnected every time I fly into SW.

Curious what it could be and weird that it’s been going on for this long without a fix. I haven’t experienced it myself and have been in Stormwind, tram, and to IF, but that was about a week ago and I’ve been playing several other toons since. I’ll have to try it again and see what happens.

Just happened to me…wow…on Horde side going in to Razor Hill as a lowly level 7. I went in fine the first time, set my home, grabbed some quest, went out to do them and as I returned right into the zone, the same disconnect message others are seeing. Tried reconnecting 5 times, same disconnect issue.

Same here, happening on multiple toons.

Thanks for the reports in this thread, everyone. We are trying to diagnose this issue and in order to help us narrow down the cause, it could be super helpful if anyone experiencing this could include the following in future posts:

  • Which beta realm were you on?
  • What was the name of the character(s) you experienced this on?
  • What zone were you in (or entering) when the disconnect occured?
  • What date/time did this occur in your local timezome and let us know which timezone that is?
    • Note: The closer to an “exact” time you can provide, the better. This makes it easier for us to look up your disconnect(s) in our logs.

Thank you!



  • Which beta realm were you on? SoM PvE Beta
  • What was the name of the character(s) you experienced this on? Namahs (troll shaman)
  • What zone were you in (or entering) when the disconnect occured? Entering Razer Hill – I had previously went there and set my home point and picked up quest, left to complete them, then when I came back, right when I passed what I would call the “zone line” to Razor Hill. I was dc/d. This lasted for a few hours, then when I checked later I could log in fine.
  • What date/time did this occur in your local timezone and let us know which timezone that is? October 17th, somewhere around 3:02-3:22 ET. My post above, in this same thread, 8 days ago, is roughly in the window this was all happening so using that I was able to grab the time/date above.

So this wasn’t just Stormwind disconnections, but happened to me where I mentioned above.


I’ve noticed all of my disconnects happen when I’m Jumping. I spam jump when im running around and i’ll get disconnected mid jump and can’t log back in for like 5 minutes. When I do get to log back in, my char falls out of the sky a few feet above the ground. I think the issue has to do with jumping

  • season of mastery pvp realm
  • Rokdelar, a hunter
  • inside orgrimmar
  • just now
  • near the raid cons vendor

Original Beta realm (non-PVP). I’ve experienced two significant DC issues. Usually though they either happen or they don’t… most of the time everything is fine. But when the DC issue does happen, it happens a LOT.

(1) When hearthing into the SW inn. If I get DCd it usually means I can reconnect again, but then get immediately DCd the instant I enter the toon. When it happens, this repeats continuously. I am usually able to make a little progress (move a few feet) before getting the next disconnect. Eventually I am far enough away from whatever the cause is that the DCs stop happening.

(2) When flying into SW. Sometimes when approaching the FP at the end of the journey, the game sometimes starts DCing on me. Again I can repeatedly reconnect and get back in but only for a moment. The flight proceeds a few feet closer to the FP each time . Eventually after a few dozen DCs I land and the problem either stops or I can get far enough away from the FP that it stops.

My guess is that when this happens there is some other toon nearby that is in a weird state that is causing the game to implode. Just a wild guess.

What does SoM stand for?

Season of Mastery

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Thank you so much!