SoM Shadowstrike Ringing the Gong

yeah honestly it’s been pretty bad :expressionless:


Thank you for the honest and well reasoned respond Aggrend. We’re looking forward to the new raid tier!

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Pretty quick turnaround! I don’t think this effected any raiding schedules, so probably no harm done anyway.

no we must be angry
let the hatred flow through you

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Appreciate the post and response! Swiftly resolved and greatly appreciated by all of Shadowstrike <3

Jom best server

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thanks i appreciate that

everybody stop being so appreciative. you should be angry. angry about the gong :expressionless:

I appreciate the candor here. I certainly enjoyed my time in SoM.

Bring the changes you made to dungeons (boosting and farming) to Classic, though!

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I’m still kinda salty that they banned those guys.


Lol when a multi billion dollar company can’t manage a game aswell as a bunch of dudes in a basement.

Not sure if you will see this but Obsidian Edge gates are also not open.

Our community on OE is almost entirely our one-life (Hardcore/Soul of Iron) levelling and raiding guild. We full cleared MC and Ony, and have cleared ZG many times. We would love the opportunity to try to clear AQ20 but completing the full Scepter quest-line on Hardcore characters is a nigh impossible task.

Is there and any chance that our gates will automatically open before the Season ends?

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3 days ago was your post? How have your gates not even auto opened?!

Nope and by the sounds of this recent WotLK related post it sounds like they may never open for us.

It’s a shame because we really want to try AQ20 as a guild of one-life characters but there’s no way with SoM’s currently population that we could complete the Scarab Lord quest chain as a one-life guild.

I just made a separate post for Obsidian Edge here.

Hopefully we can get a definitive answer either way so we aren’t waiting for something that might never happen! :grinning:

From that same post you quoted it seems that they will not open the gates for you and someone will need to complete the scepter.

“If you want to be a Scarab Lord, consider organizing the effort on a low-population Season of Mastery realm. Last I checked there were a few with their resources completed but their gongs unrung…”

it is unfortunate since the wording of the initial AQ phase blue posts, whilst vague, seemed to suggest they may open automatically