SoM [PvP East] - Paladin looking for R11-14 WSG & AB friends!

Hey biggles!

Like many of us here, I’ve been a lost blizzard soul the last several months, bouncing from game to game but not being able to settle. I’ve searched my heart and soul, it sucks to admit but wow is still my true gaming love, I re-subbed last night & I want to come back to classic with SoM to play in the highest ranked BGs with an alliance east pvp group. I want to have fun competing with and beating R11-14 Horde teams on the weekends … and even sign up for BG tournaments/bowls if they pop up again each season.

But –
I’m a 30 year old introvert (soon-to-be) dad gamer with a gaming history of –
-multiclass arena gladiator seasons (classic tbc wrath mop)
-grand marshal rbg warrior shotcalling (classic tbc mop)
-4 years professional esports coaching (nalcs/overwatch)
-Rank 14 holy paladin healing last classic

And –
I don’t have any buddies left that will play wow classic lol, I need teammates and a social group.

For this first season I’ll be playing a Paladin one last time, so I’m looking for a group of NA east pvpers that play high rated BGs for fun. After season 1 I’ll be playing non-paladin characters each year.

About me…

-I’m a complete and total loser when it comes to obsessing about paladins and team-based wow pvp: I watch and study vods, have studied all the old pvp videos for inspiration, I even have google drive presentations about approaching midfield fights in WSG for example, lol. So yeah, I’m great at wow, but its mostly because I’m a loser irl and I’ve put in way too much time and effort over the years to have the game knowledge and habits that I have, lol.
-I’ll be healing raids as holy, but playing WSG and AB as a Repentance offhealer/support role (last classic showed me the power of rocket helm repentance vs horde priests in first fights).
-In game I’m always down for BGs, world pvp, and dungeons – these are why I play the game I find them super fun.
-I’m not looking for modern, honor-optimized, rewards efficiency groups, nor stereotypical modern ranker groups (I never want to turtle & farm kills at Stables again, philosophically). I want to play with Apes-type players that value dominance, coordination and fun instead.
-I’m relentlessly positive and optimistic even in expensive, stressful R14 games – I’ve done esports coaching in the past and my current job is in therapy so I highly value communication skills with team gaming.
-Willing to roll on any pvp east server
-Hoping to find other strong gamer dads, but super happy to play with mature younger gamers too.

I’ll keep an eye on this while we approach SoM launch, please reach out if we have similar goals, I’m hoping to get chatting with people on discord to prep :slight_smile: