SoM Obsidian Edge Ringing the Gong

The Obsidian Edge gates to AQ are still not open.

Our community on OE is almost entirely our one-life (Hardcore/Soul of Iron) levelling and raiding guild. We full cleared MC and Ony, and have cleared ZG many times. We would love the opportunity to try to clear AQ20 but completing the full Scepter quest-line on Hardcore characters is a nigh impossible task.

There is no other guild raiding actively on our server, just our guild of one-life characters.

Is there any chance that our gates will automatically open before the Season ends?


This sounds like an exciting raid environment! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to raid with the fear of permadeath lol. What, specifically, prevents the gates from being opened? Like, is it the challenge of completing the war effort with no Horde, or is it the difficulty of getting through the entire Scepter quest without dying?

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The War Effort is completed, it’s just the case of the Scepter chain being unlikely to ever be completed, especially because of the buffed BWL bosses.

Our server’s population is a lot lower than it once was. At the start of the Season we could ram players into content and if some die (delete) it’s not the end of the guild since we constantly had a huge community of people levelling Hardcore to 60.

BWL is significantly less friendly to a one-life play-style on SoM. We want to attempt BWL before the Season ends to see how far we can push things, but realistically it won’t be a full clear and we will delete our entire raid team - it’s unlikely we would get multiple attempts this Season.

AQ20 on the other hand is much more possible goal, and something we could attempt prior to the aforementioned BWL push.


Multilifers, come to Obsidian Edge - free Scallop Lord


Best of luck with enticing a guild to transfer over to ring the gong.

The final two lines in this post pretty much seals it.

There’s been some contradictory information for sure. The April 2022 blue post suggested that the gates would fully open automatically:

  • With this change, the gates of Ahn’Qiraj will open on all realms within a month of the event being initiated.

It’s possible that the message from the staffer regarding Wrath was not the final say on what the SoM team intends for our realm :pray:

My money’s on the developer over the CM.
Good luck with recruitment.

I would imagine this wasn’t written entirely by the CM, but a patch notes curated by the team - the CM posts it since they are the point of contact on the forums/media.

If it works like it should work then even people xferring to your realm and doing the quest line would not help you. They would need to wait 3months to even turn the quest gong in. Least thats how it worked for vanilla classic.

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You might as well just try to clear the scarab challenge so that next season you’ll know what NOT to do

idk what to say other than that the gates should’ve opened automatically.

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