SoM: HC/Iron Man Mode Opportunities

Although it is great that this side of the community is finally getting the recognition they’ve always wanted. Putting a bit more effort into it will only make the experience and “mode” that much better.

As we the players understand it now. We’ll be playing side by side with SC players, which opens up all sorts of grief tactics, boosts, b2w models, etc. The mode really needs its own dedicated server that cycles every season like Classic WoW will now receive.

  • A problem in the current “HC” community in Classic is Mind Control. Even on the PvE servers players MC high level mobs and drag them to unsuspecting players who are pushing the unique playstyle to grief and kill them. This spell and skill needs to be locked from Priest, Gnomish Mind Control Cap, and any other MC effects PC’s can use against other PC’s.
  • Even with the dungeon boosting seemingly being nerfed this doesn’t impact solo grinding ZF, BRD, ST, Mara, etc. which can be accomplished by more than just Mage.
  • In tandem with the above SC players, assuming they can interact with HC players, can form up the old 2006 mob-tagging power leveling boost groups that they used to do 16 years ago. This is a sure fire way to avoid leveling up through the challenge any normal and conventional way. Keep in mind as well all the XP is inflated in SoM.
  • This is a bit more of an extreme, but having an Auction House period in a HC mode makes the mode that much more trivial and it’ll be even more of a joke if they can interact with the AH from their SC characters, essentially being decked out in gear and consumables every step of the way.

These are just some of the more impactful implications that turning on a mode with what is seemingly very little effort to back it up could cause. Truthfully too the mode should be toggled at the character select screen like in Diablo II, not some random NPC that gives you a buff.


I’ve not seen or heard of this happening at all on Bloodsail Buccaneers Horde side (in Classic Era) and that server is home to a sizable HC community. Our guild has discussed the HC rules to make every attempt to respect the playstyle and players. It is sad to hear that this is going on.

I support allowing for a special rule set server for HC. Not sure if I can support disabling skills or items as well as the AH on a server without that special rule set though. Would be nice if people could simply let others play the game without griefing but as a veteran of roleplaying servers the allure of trying to pwn the nerds is too great.