SoM BG battlegroups

Did blizzard mention anything about battlegroups in SoM? Are all NA connected and will OCE be connected to NA (i hope it is)?

BUMP would love to know this too! will definitely impact a lot of OCE players server choices

bump Please blizzard answer this

All Battlegroupds should be merged, from NA, to Oceanic and seassonal and or non seasonal realms

Yes, all Americas and Oceanic Season of Mastery realms are in the same Battleground pool.


First: Hi, Kaivax! You champion of a person!
Second: Thanks for confirming. Great news!

Are NA queing into OCE hosted servers too or does only OCE get to play as if batching wasnt removed.


So we get massive lag playing with them?


Its a good chance our servers will be DoA.

yea, see thats my concern. i havent been able to get a good feeling about oce participation in SoM. Shame for the server names if that ends up true, great names. :slight_smile:

Thanks legend for the reply! please don’t cave in and listen to the people complaining about ping. As you saw in TBC many people went back on this and are now begging to be linked with NA for arenas. There WONT be enough people on OCE to sustain a healthy BG group for the rest of SOM. Even at the beginning of phase 4 OCE couldn’t get a single AV pop outside of bg weekends (once a month).


Would you prefer them leaving the OCE servers out of the NA pool?

Do you NA guys really get AV popping outside of AV weekend?

Ofc all NA being queued with OCE means is NA will complain when OCE start griefing their games which i 100% will do again

Yes, we did. AV was always pop’n.

Let me guess it was full of AFKers. It was for Australian Alliance. Actually they are still doing it in TBC I can queue right now and see all the same names.

Yes, at least 10-15 afk’rs every game. It was not fun. Except for the first week, I got exalted with AV on two toons in like 5 days. lol

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Ah yeah? That is interesting . I Feel like doing the pvp grind for a 3rd time… but I don’t feel like leveling 1-60 at all .

TBC is different… There is no ‘competition’ for gear which results in people afking… If you afk in classic you WONT reach your desired bracket. No doubt there will be a few ‘afkers’ per game, but please do not use TBC metrics to judge how SOM will be.


The only place they will afk at is AV. I mean, you can afk in wsg/ab too. But to a lesser extent.