Soloable old raids at their max level?

I’ve recently made a character on Moon Guard, not just for roleplaying, but also for a challenge that I made up myself where I go through every expansion with a goal to gather every single piece of loot from reps to professions to achievements to every raid and dungeon that I can possibly get at that expansions max level (Vanilla/TBC/Wrath = level 30, Cata/MoP = 35 etc.). But I run into a problem with this challenge and that’s the raids. I know this game is multiplayer and all, but I really don’t want to go out of my way to find someone that’s willing to carry me, I wanna do raids by myself. This problem brings up a question that I’m hoping can be answered by a dev or anyone that has the knowledge about scaling. This question is: Is it possible to scale older raids for solo content at their max level?
I don’t really wanna force myself to go play classic just to run these raids at their max level because I enjoy retail and find it easier to play on than classic realms; Also I want to collect everything on this character and that won’t be possible in a raid group. RNG is enough of a pain, but I’d rather just deal with that than fighting with someone for a random piece neither of us have.
I’m hoping someone can answer this for me, it’s been on my mind for a long time and have always wondered if it’s possible and could happen one day.

That’d be a monumental undertaking for pretty much the benefit of no one. As far from Classic as you get, the raids become more and more complex, so it’d pretty much mean gutting the entire raid. At which point you might just as well go in at max lvl and 1 shot everything. As much as people hate to hear this, this is an MMO. Current max endgame content should never be catered to for solo play. Otherwise what’s the point?

yeah, that’s what i thought. as much fun as it sounds to me, it would be a massive waste of their time.
The only other option i know of is timewalking. hopefully one day they bring in vanilla and add more raids, since they started bringing back some older dungeons like Scholomance.