Solo Shuffle Update - January 6

Very cool! Any chance for some tuning? (Please for the love of God).


What about class balancing??? So are all low mmr/cr shuffles supposed to be a single caster getting bullied by oppressive melee doing unfortold damage and slamming all CC’s into the wizard til he flops??

Funny how people manage to have high frequency of disconnects when they are behind/losing.

Posting applicable video:


Happy to hear that, because the PvP community is mostly also very excited about that feature.

It can be frustrating sometimes, but mostly it is a lot of fun! We appreciate your work on it and your suggested improvements!!


I been trying to main my paladin so bad, then I get kited. I just want some mobility. Not asking for much lol.

these are great changes but I think you should find a way to make it happen on reset instead of waiting until 10.0.5. For now the mmr loss will help a lot but we need those account warnings now. 50% of the people high on the ladder have exploited their mmr to get there.

While we’re add it we should do something like this for glads lowering their mmr to sell boosts in 2s and 3s. imo its the same form of cheating

Best they can do is +1 seconds for pony.

Brilliant. Have the guy who left play two rounds with you and then he leaves? LMAO GET REKT


Let’s keep things to SS feedback and not get derailed asking about class balancing. Make a new post for that if you want. We’re getting listened to about SS so let’s keep it there.


I take Zzyquil and Unisom before every queue session. That way I pass out at my keyboard, and when I wake up I either gained or lost rating and it’s not as much of a painful experience and I remember nothing.

Spoiler alert, I always lose rating.


Can you elaborate on how teams are shuffled and if that will be improved upon?

If I queue up as a Healer, and there’s an AFK warlock on my team, there is a possibility that that AFK warlock will be on my team 3 rounds in a row.

Now, say a dps is frustrated and leaves the game. The match ends with me going 0-3 while the other healer goes 3-0 because the other healer didn’t have a chance to play with the AFK Warlock.

Will teams be shuffled in a manor that ensures the dps is rotated after the first round?


Thanks for the update! Appreciate the response and welcome back from holiday!

Dang now I have to kick a soccer ball into my router if I have a losing record


I guess if you are sided with the weaker healer that means your Team’s MMR is lower and a lose against a higher MMR team should not impact your rating all that much (in theory?)

I’d guess tonight. They seem to (before Xmas break) be doing Friday evening notes on upcoming stuff.

With this positive update about fixing some shuffle issues (a win to me for them continuing to pay attention to pvp), I’d wager on a post tonight with some tuning for Tuesday.

"every team the leaver was going to be on counts as a loss"was a better solution than this for all the stated
Hopefully this just deters leaving enough that it doesn’t matter you made the wrong choice

Man, I hope so. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Thank you so much, SoloQ has been the best thing implemented into this game!! Looking forward to more games and more tuning. Thank you for reaching out to the community!


I was optimistic this week as is, but this post improves the betting odds for me.

What will be tuned is a different issue though.

little late but yknow :slight_smile: