Solo shuffle tanks! what is going on!?

Why am I getting matched with tanks in Solo shuffle. THIS IS stupid, especially considering IF dev EVOKER gets in tank match you instantly lose. Dev evoker can one shot your team and there is no counter play to it cus you dont have a healer.

Actually not fun and absolutely stupid. Game is in such a broken state beyond repair.

RSS stands for Random Solo Shuffle. you have a chance to get matched with Random Healers, or Tanks if you’re unlucky.

Apparently, Tanks can even get matched with other tanks for true misery. (Prot Paladin as an “Actual” healer + a tank dps)

AFAIK Tanks don’t queue very high though so that’s one way to never see another tank. Not bashing you, I don’t care. Just I think if nothing else it should motivate you to push.

I like to play alts. Alts aren’t gnna be 2 k plus…

Not with that attitude. I believe in you.

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Theres a lot of players who have alts that are 2k+.

Really? I thought the r stood for rated since the last expansion solo shuffle was unrated.

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Yeah i feel pretty dumb ngl. Thanks for pointing that out

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Yeah i was wrong lol. Since teams were random i assumed that was the R lol.

I edited the misinformation out

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