Solo Shuffle Queues and pvp in general as a casual

As a casual pvper this xpac has been much better. My friends and i enjoy the gearing and world content. Dragon riding is fun as well. However, we are all super casual. We have careers, families and limited time to play games. Also, we dont always have time to play together. Solo shuffle queues are way tooooo long. Unlocking my vault awards is a serious chore. I play much more than my friends. They are lucky if they unlock one option and most weeks they unlock none. They are starting to log on less and less. If you read this blizzard, look at my acct and my friends accts and you’ll see that we are the casuals that unsub after a month or so and come back next xpac or skip a few xpacs. The things most casuals want (my friends and i atleast, casuals rarely post on forumes) are new maps, an arena bracket without healers (faster queues and no coordination, just mash your buttons and hope something dies) and more wpvp quests and objectives.

The last thing we want to do after a long day at work is wait in long queues, watch build guides, search for patch notes, etc. Have the patch notes show up on the bnet launcher. I hope you solve the que problem soon. Also, stop balancing pvp around high rated or professional players. The vast majority of pvpers are trash cans like me. Awc will never be popular.

Also, you should have something when picking a class that lets new players know how difficult a class is in pve and pvp (maybe stars. One star being easy and 5 star being difficult) cause my one buddy picked rogue and another picked feral not knowing how complicated those classes are. I play dk, feral and rogue myself. I just rolled a dk this xpac and wow what a difference. So simple compared to rogue and feral. I agree with the dk nerfs btw. So much of the dmg we do is passive (pets and diseases). Feral nerfs seem a bit heavy handed. Could’ve just nerfed bleed and cleave dmg and not their survivability.

Dampening is a stupid mechanic. If Dampening is needed in arenas then just reduce eveyones healing and remove dampening. Pvp should feel the same everywhere. Some classes (mine included) and healers feel unkillable outside of dampening.

Tdlr: make a way for us casuals to instant queue arenas solo so we can progress our conquest and vault rewards with the limited time we get to play. Thanks.