Solo Shuffle Problems

I have been doing Solo Shuffle since the servers have come up on retail and really enjoyed it but almost every match now is 2 rounds and 1 person leaving. This is basically ruining it for everyone making it whoever is either focused or has to keep being on the focused persons team leave. I know that we have a penalty in place but out of the 15 games I have played tonight 9 of those involved someone leaving either instantly or leaving after losing 2 rounds wasting time and then I see them again with zero rating loss which I think is a huge problem. I was worried about this on retail since on Beta it really didnt happen that much. A few games I have played have been 4 to 5 rounds and then someone leaves and no one gets any rating which really is a huge letdown. If I have 5 wins and someone with 0 wins can leave and ruin it for everyone it needs to be changed.

Are we going to see a harsher penalty applied so it actual prevents people from just leaving and ruining everyones time?

also 15 conquest per ranked solo shuffle win is bad. Unless this is just for prepatch


If someone does leave a game it counts the losses towards your total also and all they get is a Q time penalty which is not enough.


Please see this thread for updates.

Love to see these changes! Can we get games that someone leaves taken away from the total games played?

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Thanks for making a thread about this WorldPVP. I’m glad they made some of those changes. But yes Blizzard if you can also account for the matches played in the total after a player leaves that would be awesome. I know it doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things but some people pay attention to the win-loss percentage and it can feel bad that it looks like we lost games that we never even played.

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I don’t want to do more rated PvP than I have to when it comes to the mount…

This royally pisses me off!

Seems busted. I remember winning 6 rounds and losing 2 points must be bugged. A few things about shuffle has been pretty buggy like upgrading gear and earning transmog even after they fixed it seems to still be broken

The whole rating situation is odd right now. Even in RBGs I won several games but gained 0 CR despite the other team being higher rated than I; however, when I lost, I actually lost points. Another time it said I won 29 points, but then the actual rating didn’t change at all. Not that it matters since it’s pre-season, but rating changes just seem extremely buggy right now.

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Hopefully this is just prepatch problems and not more

As Season 4 is still going, I’m not getting any progress towards the mount either for some reason:

Would it be possible to allow rating gains in incomplete games? I’ve played 4 games in a row this morning with people who have left and have nothing to show for my time, despite winning more rounds than losing. Would it be possible, in games where someone leaves, to give rating based on the number of rounds completed and just not allow loss of rating if you would otherwise?


I’m getting mount progress, but I can’t upgrade any conq gear nor have my great vault rewards scaled to my current rating…

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These were both apparently hotfixed but still happen… :slight_smile:

id also like to ask for the cast time of changing talents to be removed for Arena, RBGS, and solo shuffle

Seriously. It feels absolutely terrible waiting up to 10 minutes in queue, do a few rounds (where you might be winning too), and have someone suddenly leave. No rating gains/losses, no progress for the vicious saddles. Feels like I’m wasting my own time.


Ive seen people beg for others to leave “I have 5 wins please you havent won any just leave” honestly makes no sense to me why the punishment isnt super harsh to discourage all this ragequitting.

I honestly enjoy helping the people who lose every round because its a pretty big mental victory.

After the supposed fix I still don’t properly get % towards the PvP mount, and people are still leaving. Out of 3 matches I had today I had 1 match with someone leaving the last round, one match didn’t even start because someone left, and the last one I got +28 rating and got 0% towards the mount.

I don’t understand how gaining rating doesn’t increase my progress towards the mount, I should be at least double the value I have right now. And yes I’m 100% sure it counted as a win, because I was able to upgrade my conquest gear afterwards while I couldn’t before that match.

Has anyone been able to ascertain how rating in Rated Solo Shuffle is calculated? I have played so many of them and every time I think I’m figuring it out the next match will have everyone’s +/- rating calculations different than what I thought from the prior. If everyone is just as confused as I am, hopefully Blizzard can provide some insight.

It honestly makes no sense did a game at 1847 and gained 62 points from 5 wins? another time I won 2 rounds and got plus 14 at 1800. Ive won 4 rounds and lost points too. I dont get it and really hope this was a bug

Reiterating the Leaver problem is really bad right now. They need to change it to reward conquest/honor for staying. Someone losing 5 rounds and about to cause a 6th one will always leave because they recieve the loss anyway. TIMEOUTS are not enough

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Its gotten so bad I guess people are leaving games through an exploit that makes them not take a desert buff after leaving. I wont put it here but its pretty game breaking