Solo Shuffle Brawl Feedback

In this thread, we’re gathering focused feedback on the Solo Shuffle Brawl, coming in Eternity’s End.

Please note that initially in the PTR, the Solo Shuffle Brawl is a work in progress and could undergo design changes in the near future. We’ll let you know the details of those changes as they are developed, both here in this thread and in our Development Notes thread.

Thank you for testing Eternity’s End with us!

we need more people to que it : (

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how do you queue it?

it’s on ptr right now

Is there already hidden mmr in place? i got a couple ques within about 15 min, now iv been sitting over an hour que.

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I’ve been in que now for 14 mins and I’m a healer. Crossing my fingers theres cross faction queing for this mode. Not sure why there wouldn’t be


There’s a bug where it sometimes shows Korrak’s Revenge instead of Brawl: Solo Shuffle. I noticed this in Zereth Mortis but was fixed when I hearthed to Oribos.

I assume this is why some people can’t access.


yeah, that’s why I asked how to queue

It’s broken for me. I que up for it, and then I’m put into an arena by myself on my side. The gates open and I’m vs 3 people. Instantly it says “Round Lost” and then everyones stuck in place for about 10-15 seconds. I then disconnect. Happened twice in a row now.

Edit: Que’d for the 3rd time, and now I had 2 partners but vs only 1 person. Same thing happened.

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Yep very broken right now.

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can people queue? ive been in queue for 40 minutes now…


Is it working now? been sitting in queue for 30 mins, no pop.

It is still not working. Also these new trinkets are kinda nutty lol

Joined a queue today! Sat 50 minutes before finally getting a game, a member of the opposing team didn’t join so we were automatically declared the winner before being disconnected from the game.

Guessing the DC is a bug with the game not knowing what to do if someone doesn’t join. The queue time is most likely due to not having enough participation, hopefully that will change as more time passes

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We appreciate everyone who has tried to queue for the Solo Shuffle brawl so far. We’re working to resolve issues related to speed of matchmaking, and disconnects at the start of brawls without enough participants.


A suggestion would be to remove the healer requirement. just let people queue into it and get them into the content. post an explanation you are doing this to test the content.

Yes, it will be a crap show, but you can at least get it tested.

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First of all. I’ve been waiting for a feature like this for the longest time. While testing this feature I got 3 matches (18 rounds) in about 40 minutes. The first 10 minutes I was waiting for a queue pop and after that I got back-to-back matches. Meanwhile, on live I’ve been sitting in LFG and got zero people message me to play. It would be nice if I could queue for solo shuffle and, at the same time, keep my name listed in LFG and browse LFG. This will minimize cannibalism as folks interested in team ratings can still find their groups while solo shuffling.

First impressions:

  1. 30 secs between rounds feels good. It is enough time to plan a strategy and swap talents. I didn’t feel like I was wasting a lot of time sitting around between rounds.
  2. One needs to re-join the voice-chat after every round. It would be nice if in-game voice would keep you voice and automatically swap who you can talk to according to the team at a given round.
  3. The scoreboard at the end only shows information about the last match. It would be nice if it either showed the sum of all matches or a per round statistics. Maybe also include deaths per round. I noticed sometimes a round would be over and I wouldn’t even realize who killed who lol.
  4. I saw totems leftover in the arena from previous round when a new round started. I opened a bug report about this.

In short, I like the format and I think it’s really good. Even at current state, it’s already provided fun in the sense I could play during my lunch break which is virtually impossible to do as even finding a group using LFG would be very hard at this hour.


I got another few matches in. Encountered a few more bugs.

One match ended in a draw after a player didn’t show up at all. I wanted to ask what is the repercussion of this? Also, what happens if a player leaves after a few rounds. For example think of the case they lost their first two rounds, so the odds of them doing fine are low. Is there a rating deduction so players aren’t incentivized to leave matches early or later?

I also got a mind-control disconnect in one round. The game didn’t automatically ditch me and cause the game to end in a draw which game me a chance to come back. I liked that.

On another round, a player left before the gates were open. Game was in a weird state where when a new countdown started and we were declared winners after a while. It was clearly buggy, but game seemed to have resolved itself.

We’ve deployed a few fixes to PTR to alleviate issues that players are running into while helping us test out Solo Shuffle.

  • Players should no longer be disconnected during the first round if under 6 players accept the queue for Solo Shuffle. We’re working on adjusting how we handle players leaving after the first match has started, and will provide an update on this issue in future PTR builds.
  • Dampening now start to stack 2 minutes into the match, instead of starting at 3 minutes. Dampening continues to ramp up faster than normal, reaching 100% at 5 minutes.
  • While not directly related to Solo Shuffle, we’ve reduced the effectiveness of the Cosmic Gladiator’s Fastidious Resolve on PTR from preventing 2 crowd-control effects, down from 3. Additionally, the effect lasts a max of 15 seconds, down from 30.
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