Soldiers of Azeroth Weekly RP Event

The Soldiers of Azeroth bring to you a “Peace Summit?”

Let us drink, be merry, and share out adventures for what would become the first official peace summit between the Horde and Alliance forces.

We’ll be gathering at Shattrath next week on Tuesday the 10th at 8pm est to 10pm est at the World’s End Tavern. Elixir of Tongue’s will be provided for those in need. You can get them from the goblin maiden in the underbelly.

While this is for those upon the Emerald Dream server anyone from any server will be welcome. Their will also be an anchor for those from other that might realms for those that may wish to join in. This will be a weekly event, every Tuesday, same time, we will rotate the locations to make it more interesting.

This will only be the first of many events to come.

Feel free to join us at the Soldiers of Azeroth discord!


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Awesome! Nice choice in location, too. I will be there, as will any other interested folks from CES. Looking forward to it!

This is going on tomorrow. I’ll be anchoring for the Alliance. Just look for it in the guild finder! Also bring Elixirs of Tongues if you have them so you’ll be able to also talk to the Horde! Same place same time, and their will be anchors listed in the group finder.

Super psyched to come to an activity like this again! I had a super fun time last event and can’t wait to continue forging peace between our factions!

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This week, on the 30th at 8PM EST, we’ll be meeting in Dalaran, the city of the arcane. Once runes are drawn and the incantations spent, and the the portals open. You will find us in the Ledgermain Lounge, sharing a mead and ale in these times of peace… or are we really… or is it something else?

Tonight/s event will be at the Ledgerdemain Lounge in Dalaran (Legion version). We’ll be forming as a raid so it will be easy for people to join in from other realities of Azeroth.

Tonights night, at 8pm EST in Gilneas at the chapel! Sorry that’s tomorrow not tonight.