[SOD][A][Living Flame] <Audacious> Server 15th 6/6 Gnomer - 9 Raid Teams

Who Are We?
AUDACIOUS was a hardcore guild from Vanilla > Wrath of the Lich King
Raided with Fusion/Donkeys in Classic/Wotlk Classic (Hardcore guilds)
Hall of Fame Cutting Edge CE Mythic guild for Shadowlands

Audacious will continue to play classic as long as it’s a thing. Hopefully classic plus will release and we will definitely be there!

6/6 Gnomer Server 15th
All Semi-HC raids 6/6 Gnomer First Lockout

We usually speed run only couple times a phase.

Raid G (9-12:00PM EST Tuesday - Sunday) Hardcoreish Parsing/Prog Group/Competitive Raid Group
Healer: Any

Raid Z: (9-12:00 EST Wed-Mon) Semi-Hardcore
Tank: All
DPS: All
Healers: All

Raid Y: (Thursday-Mon 9-12 EST) Semi Hardcore
Tanks: All
DPS: All
Healer: All

Raid F: (Runs every reset at 8:00 PM EST) Semi-Hardcore
Tanks: All
DPS: All
Healer: All

Raid M: (8:00PM EST) Semi-Casual/Hardcore
Tanks: All
DPS: All
Healer: All

Raid I: (Thurs & Sun 9PM EST) Semi-Casual/Hardcore
Tanks: All
DPS: All
Healer: All

Player Expectations
Min maxing your class like getting engineering (speed run team)
Summon alts if they are needed for world buffs
Come to raid buffed and have consumes

How to apply:

Also looking into taking people in that are leveling and also willing to take 10 man raid teams and merge them into our guild. We have alt raids. Looking for another raid leader to potentially open another raid team also.

Bumpity bump bump

Bump looking for more gamers!

Looking for select classes for our raids.

Bumpity bump

Looking for solid players for the continuation of SoD. Also looking for solid players who are currently leveling to fill out our raid groups.

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LF SoD gamers for ongoing phases - even if your leveling right now with solid logs we are looking for tanks, melee hunter, rogue, healers. Reach out to us on our discord.

Looking for a solid melee hunter, healers, spriest, warlock

Looking for solid healers, tanks and dps players. Even if you are just getting into SoD and have logs from Wrath feel free to reach out!

Looking for all classes for phase 3 or other semi hardcore guilds to merge into us

Updated recruitment, feel free to join our discord as we are looking for all classes with good logs and experience, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

i joined your discord. who do i contact in the discord?