[SOD] [WildGrowth] [A] <Chaos> 6/6 Gnomer. Currently Recruiting!

Chaos [Alliance]

Chaos is a raiding guild that originated on Pagle-Alliance. Our goal is to create a raiding environment where clears are done effectively as possible while maintaining an enjoyable environment to hangout while we clear the easy content that is classic raiding. We prioritize IRL over this game and understand stuff happens and will try to accommodate. Leadership comprised of competent raiders who have been leaders of this guild since its inception on Pagle in phase 1.

Loot: MS>OS (Mains > Alts as well) *
*We will continue to use MS>OS while raids remain in these smaller 10m numbers. If it ever returns to 40 man we will likely swap to LC.

Progress: 6/6 ( hope to have 2 groups consistently running once more people starting capping 40)

Raid Times:
Fri: 6PM Server ( 8PM EST)
Depends on lockouts: ( we always raid at least one day per lockout )
Mon/Wed: 6PM Server ( 8PM EST)

Expectations: Should weekly resets come out and SoD move towards 25 or 40 man raiding we will have a more set team roster and likely an alt run that goes after the main run. Know your class, know your role, don’t be a toxic player, enjoy yourself in raids. Currently our runs are about 60-80 minutes we have a good time lots of laughs and we keep the kills clean. We want to take that environment of 40 minute hangouts with friends sprinkled with boss kills in between the banter and continue to carry that through SoD.

Recruitment needs:
Healers :
Tanks :

Taking exceptional players of any class/spec.

Please DM me if you have any questions or would be interested in joining.

Discord - lightcaller.
Bnet - Lightcaller#1614